Public and private programs for quitting smoking are many and varied, but very few of them achieve long-term success. One major reason for this is that most ’Quit‚ campaigns target smoking as an isolated issue and fail to consider the important place smoking plays in the individual‚s psyche and in their life in general.

Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Support

Professional support is not often incorporated into quit smoking programs but, for many people, it is a preferred scenario.

It includes teaching the smoker about the emotional part smoking plays in their life and just how the act of quitting impacts their psychological outlook. Smokers intellectually understand that smoking is killing them, but the fear of not having it in their life may overrule this.

Clinical hypnotherapy explains and desensitises these fears and informs the smoker on many levels that he or she will be safe and have support in their endeavours to quit. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective technique when used by a practitioner who has knowledge of what urges smokers to smoke.

This can coax powerful change from smoker to non smoker in a safe and subtle way.

Reasons for Smoking and Quitting

Each smoker has his or her own set of beliefs and experiences and, therefore, unique reasons for both smoking and for quitting smoking. Practitioners work to establish these beliefs and the base reasons smokers cling so strongly to their habit. This understanding forms the basis of the Clinical Hypnotherapist’s program, which is customised to suit each person’s unique situation.

Power of Suggestion

Current research has revealed that the process of Clinical Hypnosis brings on significant changes in brainwave patterns when compared to the patterns observed during normal sleep or the state of conscious awareness.

Hypnosis allows the brain to function with a “Theta” brainwave pattern which allows the practitioner to communicate with both the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind. Smokers benefit from the resulting trance and allow safe and positive suggestion through which they become smoke free.

Linda Milburn operates Hypnocare Hypnosis Clinic and has assisted many smokers on their journey to becoming smoke and nicotine free. She uses the same powerful hypnotherapy techniques to assist clients with weight loss, stress management, anxiety, self esteem, phobias and many emotion-based conditions.


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