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What is anxiety hypnosis?

According to recent studies, GAD or Generalised Anxiety Disorder is a feeling of unease, such as fear or worry, that can be severe or mild.

Everyone will experience feelings of anxiety at some point in their life.

For instance, you may feel anxious or worried about sitting an exam, or having a job interview or medical test.

During times like these, being and feeling anxious is very normal.

However, some people find it hard to control the extent of their worries. They experience a continuing feeling of anxiety which often affects their daily lives.

Anxiety is the main symptom of several conditions, including:

  • panic disorder
  • phobias – such as agoraphobia or claustrophobia
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • social anxiety disorder (social phobia)

In short, anxiety is often at the root of many disorders.

GAD Generalised Anxiety Disorder is a common condition, estimated to affect up to 5% of the population.

The condition is more common in people from the ages of 35 to 59 and women are slightly more affected than men.

Anxiety is quite normal and is a direct reaction mentally in the body to stress, which happens frequently and readily.

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety hypnotherapy treatments are widely recognisable, as a genuine form of treatment.

Hypnotism for anxiety can assist a person suffering from anxiety by subliminal messaging to promote confidence and belief in oneself.

It also helps anxiety sufferers reduce stress, feelings of fear and intense worry by subconscious persuasion bringing calming thoughts reinforced with the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Strategic Psychotherapy.

Anxiety hypnosis therapy focuses on unlocking the subconscious aspects of your mind using the power of suggestion to instill positive change.

Like any form of hypnosis treatment, it can be a quick permanent treatment or sometimes you may need to go back for further sessions. This all depends on the individual.

How does hypnosis work for anxiety?

During the hypnotherapy anxiety therapy, a hypnotherapist will use positive reinforcement to establish a change in your train of thought, to help establish the causes of the underlying issues.

Is anxiety hypnosis therapy an alternative to medicine?

Like any form of treatment, there will be varying degrees of success. As more people look for holistic, non-medicated forms of treatment, hypnosis and its value, is becoming far widely adopted.

But hypnotherapists are not doctors, we are not medically qualified to discuss anything other than what we understand.

Linda and Jan are learned in the study of mental health and between them they have qualifications in Advance Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Strategic Psychotherapy and are are strong in experience in dealing with such issues.

If you suffer from anxiety or any of its other forms it presents itself as, feel free to talk to Hypnocare in Perth today.

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