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Reducing alcohol consumption with hypnosis

Reduce Alcohol Dependence

If you binge drink and/or your current habit of drinking is causing you concern, be assured that our personalised control alcohol hypnosis sessions will get you back on track.

Within 4 sessions (a 5th session provided free if needed) you will see dramatic changes to your drinking patterns as well as your desire to drink.

The hypnosis sessions combines hypnotherapy, strategic psychotherapy and NLP and has proved to be life changing for many participants.

Our clients report feeling in control, more confident and fitter after completing the session series.

hypnosis for alcohol control perth

Did you know?

For a healthy lifestyle, drinking less than 2 standard drinks each day reduces your risk of harm from alcohol-related injury or disease over your lifetime. A standard drink contains 10 grams of alcohol. It is important to note that Australian drink serving sizes are often more than 1 standard drink as there are no common glass sizes used in Australia.

The Hypnocare alcohol control program includes one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, a personalised plan for change and self-hypnosis CDs / MP3s to use between sessions.

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Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Control

What Is Involved In An Alcohol Hypnosis Session?

The initial thing explored in your very 1st hypnotherapy session is to identify the the part alcohol plays in a person’s life.

For example:

  • is it helping them to unwind at the end of a busy day?
  • is it helping them to get to sleep?
  • is it a form of escapism away from a difficult relationship, chaotic family life or work situation?
  • is it helping them appear confident in work or social functions?

Once established, you and your therapist then work together to establish a realistic and achievable goal.

These goals are propogated, over a period of time, until the final goal is eventually achieved.

Initial goals will be centred around reducing your desire to drink.

Clients are encouraged to see alcohol as a poison which should only be consumed in moderation at most.

When alcohol is withdrawn as a coping mechanism usually underlying issues emerge which can be further treated using hypnosis.

Subsequent sessions focus on these underlying issues and reinforcing the rejection of alcohol.


alcohol hypnosis clinic perth

Australian Alcohol Statistics


  • Alcohol is the widely used drug in Australia

  • Alcohol costs society 15.3b annually

  • Alcohol caused more than twice as many deaths (3494) than road accidents (1600)

  • 1 in 10 workers say they have experienced the negative effects of a co-workers use of alcohol

The skills of Linda Milburn, CEO of Hypnocare was recently featured on Nova radio

Listen in on how she hypnotised Nat from the Nova Crew and one of her listeners in overcoming a bad habit

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