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Hi Linda, Things are going great, I haven’t felt this good for a long time.

Nothing from my past plays on my mind or is holding me back anymore. I am back into my exercise 5-6 times a week and I am eating really healthy.

I still do the counting exercise and I find this helps a lot especially when something starts to play on my mind.

Thank you for all your help, so greatly appreciated.



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I have consulted Linda for hypnosis due to stress caused by my partners horrendously involved and prolonged custody court battle. I consider her to have been vital to my health as I was becoming physically sick from the chronic stress.

Even though there seems to be no end in sight to the court case, I am now able to give my partner the support he needs and not be physically or mentally effected by the situation.

She is a wonderful, no nonsense, very qualified Hypnotist who has always tried to fit me in when I needed a session.

I have referred many people to her and I would recommend her to anyone.

R Weller


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Hello Linda I am pregnant and I feel great. I only have a few thoughts about waiting until 12 weeks before bonding, but in general I am bonding, and I am excited and actually a positive about being pregnant!!!!

Thank you very much for your assistance and I will contact you soon!

As you may notice in the testimonial, I am not the most fluent writer, but can you let me know if I am on the right track?



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

I’m writing this to give an insight into the experience rather than a testimonial for Linda.

Read on if you’re interested and if you think Linda is the practitioner for you, then call her to discuss an appointment. I am an inveterate worrier. I’m the type who works through a particular problem in my life and then subconsciously searches around for the next thing to worry about.

Worry of course causes those horrible little negatives – stress and anxiety. I feel this viscerally – that is to say, I physically react to the worry and each thought tends to churn my stomach.

I experience this over and over as my thought returns to the issue. Typically, this will be strongest at the onset of the issue and diminish as it’s solved or I realise that the worry is unnecessary.

Stress usually causes anxiety to some degree or another. For me it is minimal but definitely there. This wasn’t affecting my life to a great deal, but isn’t altogether a pleasant way to live everyday life, so I decided to tackle it. We decided to work on a general “de-stress”.

My sessions started with a consultation. This included completing a form for general and relevant medical information. Questions regarding experience, events, upbringing and beliefs were combined with discussion of expectation, goals hopes for the process.

Linda is pretty informal and she listened to my circumstances without pre-empting anything. She clarified what she didn’t understand. My frame of mind going in was pretty positive. I’d always been interested in “life’s mysteries” as I call them, and I wanted to experience hypnosis and see if I benefited. I knew nothing of the process but Linda explained that to me pretty thoroughly.

My only worry was that I couldn’t easily be hypnotised. Apparently this is common and Linda explained that trained hypnotherapists have techniques which vary for different types of people.

Evidently most people can be hypnotised to a depth where changes can be made. Good! So! Into the chair I hopped! My memory of the first session is patchy. Basically Linda talked me through a series of sort of relaxation exercises.

I remember after a while thinking “My god, this is so boring”! After that point my memory seemed to come and go in waves. I’d hear her say things and think “oh yes, that makes sense” and then I’d lose track of time.

The feeling of it always reminds me of what it’s like when I’m falling asleep. When thoughts start to swirl and conscious thought combines with dreams.

I can really only recognise that feeling if I become conscious suddenly. In hypnosis I went in and out of that state repeatedly. It actually feels really peaceful and when the session was ending I didn’t want it to.

As I came back to normal consciousness I felt as if I’d had a really good sleep. I started to ask questions about the process and what was said, because although you actually hear the words being said you don’t remember it all. Linda told me to stop analysing it and just let the change be.

At this time I really wasn’t aware of change, but Linda asked me how I felt. I paused and thought about it and suddenly realised I felt great! Now I realise these are words and everyone has different experiences, but I actually felt a real euphoria. Not in a drug affected way, but a clear, clean way. I left the session feeling markedly different.

As I drove, I found that other driver’s inadequacies didn’t drive me to a rage like normal, I just let them be and was concerned only that they didn’t endanger me.

That came as a shock. In the days after, this euphoric feeling gradually subsided to what I’ve only been able to describe as a “lightness”. I was more tolerant, more accepting and all those little annoying things which would boil into an internal rage would just wash over me. I found myself smiling at them.

Most importantly, I didn’t immediately look for something new to worry about. I also had something of a personal epiphany.

My work at that time was in a manufacturing factory. The management was profit driven and had very little regard for employee welfare. One of the things I worried about was management’s disregard of the position I was in and their misuse of my labour. The thought I became acutely aware of was this :

No matter what my circumstances, I always have a choice! That choice is always decided by priorities, but nonetheless it is always there.

For everyone. That relieved my work stress hugely. I wasn’t always happy with decisions made, but I knew (and believed) it was my choice to be there. It was quite liberating.

So where to from there? I left the factory and I’m now self- employed. I rarely relapse into the worry pattern but every time I do, a top up session with Linda lightens me up.

Everyone’s experience with hypnotherapy is different, but for me, it got something out of my life that was holding me back. It’s all a bit simpler these days.

Geoff Fremantle


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In January 2010 I contacted Linda Milburn for hypnosis in relation to ongoing panic attacks. I had suffered from these attacks for about four years at the time, however they had increased to unmanagable proportions following the death of my sister in November 2009.

These attacks had gotten so bad that I really thought I would have to enter a psychiatric facility.

Quite simply I thought I was losing my mind. When I contacted Linda and explained my problem she was immediately understanding of my issues and explained how she had treated may other sufferers similar to me the in past. Immediately this gave me hope and I attended my first session a few days later.

Over the course of the past 18 months I have had a number of sessions with Linda, these have related to other topics, including giving up smoking, as well as the panic attacks.

I have continued to improve since that first session and now attend conferences for my business without sitting in a state of panic and without the constant feeling of wanting to take flight, which I had suffered extensively from in the past.

I would recommend Linda for treatment on any issue that is bothering you, her empathy and professionalism and her determination to get to the root of the problem make her an outstanding practitioner of hypnosis.

Julie – Parkerville WA


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I chose to write to you rather than call you, so you can use my words as a testimonial if you wish. I will never be able to thank you enough. You brought me back my life again.

I am now looking forward to the trip to Egypt as an exciting event with my wife and kids. The panicky feelings I used to get when I remember the trip are gone. Your words during the hypnosis are always with me happy….confident…….and healthy…..Its your life …you control how feel….. .

All I can say, may God bless you wherever you go. I will make sure I come and see you if ever I loose my inner peace again, and I would like to buy you a nice present from Egypt and drop by to see you when I return to Perth. Your grateful friend



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I Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I have now managed to go to three interviews and have never felt more confident in myself.



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

My apologies for the delay. Life has got busier – didn’t think that was possible! Hope the following is okay. After a lifetime of dieting without success I decided to try hypnotherapy – why did I wait so long!

Like a lot of people, I was nervous about trusting someone with ‘my mind’. Linda set my mind at rest in more ways than one at the first visit. The results have been life-changing – especially in respect of my eating habits.

Chocolate no longer rules my life. I can enjoy it in moderation. I have lost 15 kgs over 6 months by wanting to eat well and enjoying exercise – not dieting.

If you want to make changes in your life, I’d recommend hypnotherapy as a tool and Linda as a great practitioner to help you with your journey. And the best bit is the sessions are so relaxing, it’s as good as having a massage.



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Dearest Linda, I wish to thank you for your help over the last few weeks. You have done so much. My self esteem is better, my demeanor is calmer.

My understanding of ‘self’ is much better. You are kind and understanding. You are supportive and encouraging. I can’t thank you enough. I will be back!



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Hi Linda, I’m going well. I’ve got 2 speeches out of the way so far, and I’ve got another one coming up soon which I am fine with. I now feel like I am well on my way to getting my university degree and I am very happy. I don’t think I’ll be needing any more hypnosis because I’ve overcome my fear! Many thanks



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Dear Linda Just a short note to thank you for your help this year.

Life has progressed little. My husband is still away and refuses to have contact. However at the insistence of one of my sons – he did send some money and I bought a car.

Life is busy as I have responsibilities and not much time to wallow! However I do credit you with my being able to function rationally and not succumb to depression. I can’t thank you enough.



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I would have to say that hypnosis with Linda has somewhat turned my negative attitude and slight depression after a recent relationship break-up, into thinking clearly about my new direction in life, and feeling positive and confident in myself.

The bizarre thing is is that it doesn’t take any effort to feel this good, its like true inner happiness was always there just covered over by life’s little downers.

Hypnosis uncovers that happiness and refreshes your life, the subconscious mind is truly the most unique and amazing part of any human being and should be serviced more often than not, hypnosis does this.



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

Yippee 🙂 Linda Muchas Gracias thank you SO much.

If it wasn’t for all your work I would not have applied for this job. Your wonderful

Love Veeda


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Hi Linda, Just thought I’d drop you a line and thank you for the two hypnosis sessions I had with you back in 2005 and the positive effects those sessions have had on me.

Since then my life has changed dramatically. I have more confidence in myself and my abilities, not that I didn’t have any to start with, but I think the sessions helped to unlock certain doors which were locked.

My home life has remained steady and reassuring but the real difference has occurred in my work. I am now in the drawing office and enjoying the new environment and the challenges thrown at me.

But I feel within myself I can tackle just about anything (humanly possible) Well that’s all, and thanks again.



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Thank you so much for what you have done to help Luke. He has drawn on many areas to help him change direction in his life this year. And his sessions with you have made a huge difference.

He told me that you seem genuinely interested in what he has to say so you could also learn from his experiences and help others the same.

You helped him get everything on his mind out on the table and put it back together in a way he could understand and cope with it.

As a fellow healer I know how awesome it is to know you made a difference. As a mum I can’t thank you enough for helping Luke find his way back.



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I had developed a severe sleeping problem which led to me becoming dependant on sleeping tablets.

This was my only way to knock myself out nearly every night, which after two years started to affect my memory, cognitive skills, and general well being. I became anti social, unable to exercise and depressed.

I had tried many herbal remedies, relaxation tapes and yoga but nothing helped. I did try another hypnotherapist prior to going to Linda Milburn who had no impact, but had heard of the many success stories with Linda and her specific methods.

I think a great amount of trust has to be present to allow someone to hypnotise you, but felt very comfortable with Linda and knew that she had my best intentions at heart.

After several sessions and some occasional follow up sessions I am pleased to report that I am free of sleeping tablets and sleeping about 90% better. This is a great result, and I am so grateful for her help and support.

Open your mind to alternative therapies and you will be surprised at the results that can be achieved.



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

Yeah going great thanks for asking. My biggest concern was when i drink, but I’ve been on the grog a couple times and no problems. I believe i can finally call myself a non smoker!

Oh by the way, do you have any memory cd’s in stock? if not can you order one for me and I’ll come get it when it arrives.



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My work in a high-pressure corporate environment resulted in me developing a habitual sweating reaction when faced with looming deadlines or similar stressful situations.

This increased over time and reached the point where it became very noticeable to my colleagues and clients, and lead to a few embarrassing situations.

I tried many things to stop the sweating, but nothing seemed to correct the underlying anxiety. I was amazed how quickly and effectively you were able to help me tap into my subconscious and address the core issue.



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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