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I have been involved in Natural Healing for over 30 years and my past studies and practices have included Aromatherapy, Chinese Massage and Reiki.

The practise of Reiki is a constant in my life and I have taught the modality as a Master for the last 16 years. In my experience with clients in massage and Reiki, I came to realise that many people had mind-based origins for their many physical and emotional challenges.

The natural progression for me was to seek a modality that could assist my clients to overcome those mental blocks.

This led me to hypnosis

In 2004, I started my hypnosis training with Rick Collingwood and the Australian Academy of Hypnosis.

Since then I have done further training in the art of hypnosis with Devin Hastings, Leon Cowen, Delores Canon and others.

I also acquired my practitioner training in Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Programming with Gary De Rodriguez.

Change your mind; Change your life

I have seen firsthand that hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help clients overcome many of their varying complaints. I know through my own life challenges just how daunting things can become, and I know that I can help you if you are ready to take that first step to taking back control of your health and well-being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, whatever that means for you.

I pride myself on being honest, thorough and highly ethical.

Life experience has given me a natural empathy for those who seek my help.

You can start to change your life now.

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Linda Milburn

Involved in Natural Healing for over 30 years

Past SEO / Board member of AHA for 7 years

Fellow Member of Australian Hypnotherapist Association

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Past SEO / Board member of AHA for 8 years.

australian hypnotherapists association the australia academy of hypnosis


  • Advance Certificate Hypnosis – Australian Academy Hypnosis
  • Advanced Certificate Clinical Hypnosis – Academy of Applied Hypnosis
  • Certificate Advanced Mind Dynamics – Australian Academy of Hypnosis
  • Certificate in the Treatment of Pain and Psychosomatic Conditions – Australian Academy Hypnosis
  • Certificate Practitioner HNLP – Gary De Rodriguez Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Past Life Regression/Healing – Delores Cannon
  • Thought Field Therapy – Christopher Semmems
  • Certificate Motivational Coaching Diabetes – Devin Hastings
  • Certificate in Stress Management – Devin Hastings

Other training and studies

  • Treatment of Panic Attacks and Anxiety
  • Counselling
  • The Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome as used by the Dept. of Medicine, University Hospital of South Manchester, presented by Professor Peter Gibson, Gastroenterologist, and Sue Shepherd, Dietician
  • Client Centered Parts Therapy – Roy Hunter
  • IVF
  • Sexual Issues

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