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Hypnocare Perth have the weight loss hypnotherapy session to help you get the results you desire. We provide help and guidance to access the power every individual has within, to create the change they desire.

We coach you to develop and maintain healthy eating habits within a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.

This allows you to achieve your ideal weight and be able to maintain it. Our goal is to help you achieve confidence, joy and better wellbeing.

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What you can achieve with our program

Our Weight loss programs last 4 โ€“ 6 sessions. With post-review follow ups if there is more to your weight loss goals. Here is a breakdown of your weight loss program in 5 simple stages.

1. Your First Session

Your first session lasts for 2 โ€“ 3 hours, with each following session to be 1 โ€“ 2 hours. Specially tailored to you, we identify why this has become important for you to get into the shape, size, weight, mindset and look you desire to be.

2. Discovering the Mindset

Our sessions look at your food addictions and your thought process, mindset and behaviour towards it. We look at your comfort food when you are stressed or emotional. We also analyse your habits, portions, food choice and alcohol intake.

3. Mental Exploration

We understand it is more than just eating habits. This is why we explore the mental, self-esteem and emotional issues that may exist. These can be connected to the unhealthy behaviours that hold you back from being the healthiest version of you.

4. The Road to Better Health

We analyse and understand your behaviours, we find your motivation to exercise and any reason it may be connected to your weight issue. We coach you through a series of exercises, to help you develop the right healthy habits which suit your lifestyle.

5. Maintaining Your New Lifestyle

After you have completed our program and found your new healthy habits, we donโ€™t stop there. We stay in touch to monitor and evaluate your progress to ensure you have maintained your new lifestyle.

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Here's what our clients have to say

Linda was a lovely kind compassionate and professional lady who I felt extremely comfortable with, following my first session my eating habits changed exponentially. I immediately stopped eating foods that I considered was junk and had no desire to even look at let alone eat. The transformation was incredible, I began to feel much better and lost 5 kgs within the first few weeks gained more energy and felt wonderful. I went back on three other occasions. The second occasion we concentrated on eating smaller amounts and knowing when I was full, and then to stop eating, again this happened almost immediately and I began to eat much smaller amounts and instantly recognising I was feeling full.

I feel incredibly energised and lighter and no longer have food on my mind 24/7. It is so empowering to feel this way and I cannot thank Linda enough.

I surprised myself by not eating while I cook anymore. So happy. Still not eating chippies and chocolates, no McDonalds but had KFC but only 2 pieces as opposed to 4. So progressing slowly but surely. Can do up my work pants now which I haven't ever been able to do.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Linda. You're my life saver. Literally.

Linda is a very experienced practitioner in the field. I feel very lucky to have had support from such a seasoned professional. Thank you for all you have done to help me progress Linda. It is much appreciated.

Thank you for all your help. I have been able to drop the weight I wanted (10kg and still going!) and ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป still going ๐Ÿ˜Šย 

I have had 2 session with Linda for weight loss / management. Weight and confidence is something that I have struggled with most of my life. I was feeling so helpless and out of control with my eating. After one session I felt a shift and found that I was making better choices and eating smaller meal sizes.

I had a follow up session that help me stay on track and over the past 6 weeks I have lost 5kg without feeling like I'm missing out or hungry, I have not even really noticed the change in my diet until reflection at the good choices I have been making around food. It's been the best thing I have done for my health as I found it has truly helped me make life style changes and change my thinking around food rather then just trying to stick to a diet and restrict myself.

I'm great thank you Linda, weight slowly coming off but I feel so much more in control of my eating. Thank you!!!

What your first session looks like

what is clinical hypnotherapy

Here's what you can expect with your first weight loss session

  • Within your first session, we educate you on what hypnosis is about and get an understanding of you. We also deal with any concerns you may have about the process of the program.
  • From there, we tackle the primary reason for your weight loss journey. We introduce a series of processes to identify any negative blocks, limiting beliefs or behaviours that negatively impact your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.
  • Our approach towards identifying the negative limitations, enables us to provide a safe and effective way for you to release these unhealthy habits that prevent you from being the best version of you.

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Meet Linda your Hypnotherapist

Linda is a highly skilled and certified professional hypnotherapist with over 16 years of practical experience. A previous board member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association (AHA) for 8 years and a clinical member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA). You can trust Linda to deliver a reliable, trustworthy, and professional service.

Lindaโ€™s goal is to help her clients overcome their mental challenges and take back control of their health, lives and wellbeing. Linda has been recognised by her clients for her honest, thorough and highly ethical practices.

Linda's Qualifications

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Why Choose Hypnocare

Certified Professional

Highly specialised with over 16 years of practical experience providing qualitiy sessions and always going the extra mile to ensure full satisfaction with clients

Tailored Sessions

We donโ€™t do โ€˜one size fits allโ€™. Our sessions are tailored to your needs to help you discover a happier, confident you. We are committed to provide a unique experience for every client.

Personable & Communicative

We commit ourselves to be your confidant and help you release your mental blocks. In our sessions together, we listen to every detail to be able to deliver a solution that fits your lifestyle.

Private Online Sessions

Do you feel more comfortable with a private, one-on-one online session? No problem! We offer our sessions online that will be purely confidential and safe in helping you feel at ease.

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