Chocolate Addiction Treatment – Perth Western Australia

You can choose if and when you eat chocolate….

  • If you desire to stop eating chocolate, you can learn how to do this.
  • If you want to simply cut down on chocolate, you can learn how to do that.
  • Many people have done it fast and easily, and so can you.

I am addicted to chocolate, how can I make a change?

You may be in a situation where you consider chocolate as an integral part of your life, and that you are a chocoholic and not able to see a way out as you think about and consume chocolate in a habituated behaviour.

Habits can be dropped, changed and altered. Most people have changed an unwanted habit at some point in their lives and you can learn how to do this with your habit of eating too much chocolate.

You think about chocolate all the time

Chocolate for some people has become a compulsion. Their continuing thoughts lead to chocolate, and to an overwhelming craving and urge that cannot be resisted. Learn how to stop your chocolate compulsion dead in its tracks, banishing it forever from your mind.

Eating chocolate is comforting

A number of people carry emotional problems and consuming chocolate gives them temporary relief. Dealing with this problem will then be part of the hypnosis treatment for chocolate addiction; learning how to reduce your emotions to an east  to manage level.

Using hypnosis for chocolate addiction

Hynotherapy treatment for chocolate addiction can be used to deal with the trigger scenarios that would normally precede the eating of chocolate. The team at Hypnocare help you overcome the triggers so they become ineffective and fail to set off the ‘desire’ button within.

Hypnosis treatment for chocolate addiction can also be effective at ceasing the craving, making it much easier to say no.

Another function of hypnosis is to help you develop an aversion to anything chocolate. This hypnosis treatment really helps you reduce the desire for chocolate, often eliminating your chocolate cravings.

Clinical hypnotherapy treatments are useful for restructuring matters at a deep inner and unconscious level, so that your whole approach to the thinking of chocolate changes.

What if someone offers me a chocolate after my hypnotherapy sessions?

You will have the ability to choose or refuse. You could graciously accept one small piece only, enjoy it and have the strength to decide not to accept another.

Using aversion with clinical hypnotherapy treatments does not result in you feeling sick or nauseous at the idea of chocolate. Rather the desire to eat chocolate is simply neutralised – in short, you get back your control.

Chocolate as a craving

  • Recent research papers suggest that people desire chocolate because of its satisfying flavour, aroma, and creaminess.
  • A craving for chocolate is very different than being “addicted” to chocolate. Craving a food means you have a strong desire for it.
  • Doctors do not support the presence of a chocolate “addiction”. Unique food properties of chocolate – including creaminess, sweetness and aroma – are thought to contribute to its chocoholic appeal.
  • There are trace level amounts of a number of compounds found naturally in all chocolate that could dispense feelings of well being when eaten; however, larger amounts of these exact same compounds are found in other food products such as salami, and to date there is not many salami addiction cases.

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