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Ten truths about hypnosis (part two)

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Sixth truth: hypnosis can help with almost any issue

As hypnosis helps you towards an awareness of important elements you were overlooking before, you develop significant insights as well as an increased mental clarity. This kind of insight can make you feel confident and empowered in everything that you do, and whether your goals are to stop smoking, lose weight, manage pain, reduce anxiety, or kick your bad habits, it can help you make them a reality.

In addition, there are no negative side effects whatsoever associated with hypnosis. It is a completely natural and safe way to help you feel calm, relaxed, and confident in yourself and your ability to make the changes in your life that you know you need to.

And while it is true that hypnosis cannot cure a disease, it can be used to reduce the pain, or lessen its impact, for the client suffering from the condition. Hypnosis is this powerful because it interacts with the body’s nervous system which controls a lot of the body’s functions.

Even the simple experience of relaxation brought on through hypnosis can have a huge impact on our mind and body overall!

Seventh truth: hypnosis works very quickly

Many clients claim to feel much better ever after their first session! Why is this? Because hypnosis gets straight to work on the underlying source of your problem that is holding a person back from making the right changes in their life.

Some people may not know that a phobia is a learned fear rather than a natural one. In the very same way, a more positive response to the same stimuli can be learned in its place, and hypnotic suggestions can go a long way to establish newer and healthier reactions as well as take effect surprisingly quickly.

Eighth truth: the trance state is a state of mind

A hypnotic state shouldn’t be described as a feeling, but rather a state of mind in which one becomes more highly focused as well as receptive to suggestions made by the hypnotherapist.

​On top of leading to insights and understandings you would not otherwise be able to reach through conscious deliberations on the issue, this state of mind can also help you “quiet the mind” in the way that meditation can, and help you remove any external distractions, worries, or anxieties.

The way patients feel during this hypnotic state can vary: some report feeling very light, as if they were floating; others feel very grounded and safe, as if they were a tree; some report a light buzzing feeling; others report feeling nothing at all. None of these feelings are either right or wrong since every individual is unique and accordingly can experience the hypnotic state in different ways. The one common denominator however is feeling a very pleasant and deep relaxation.

Moreover, again and again, despite their feelings while under hypnosis, patients report that after coming out of their hypnotic state that they feel they have gained important insights into the issues they have been having and into what had been holding them back unawares.

Ninth truth: hypnosis is not the same as sleeping

Some hypnotherapists, myself included, tend to use the word “sleep” as a short form of the relaxed hypnotic trance state (probably because one tends to close their eyes and breathe deeply in this state and look as if they were asleep). However this does not mean that hypnosis is actually the same as sleeping.

In fact, we really don’t want you to fall asleep during your session because you will miss out on the insights and awareness you can gain from the sleep-like trance state, and your whole session would be for naught!

Hypnosis, contrary to really being asleep and unaware of your present situation, is actually a state of heightened or more focused awareness. Though relaxation is the overall mood that will dominate your hypnotherapy session, still at times you many even feel excited and energized.

Tenth truth: hypnosis is a powerful tool that helps you to become the best you!

The key to changing your life is to learn your own story, and hypnosis is one of the best ways to understand who you really are.

The vast majority of working people are trapped in a busy schedule of work and family that leaves them with very little time for reflection. This alone is a major reason behind some people not being able to move past their personal issues.

For those without the time to reflect on their own, hypnosis can provide a very safe and effective means to tap into who you really are as well as become aware of your true ability to make real and positive change in your life. In addition hypnosis is also a very effective method for reducing stress as well as physical pain.

Finally, for those who don’t have time or money for sessions with a hypnotherapist, it is still possible to implement a daily practice of self-hypnosis into your life to benefit from the increased focus, concentration, and relaxation which hypnotherapy can provide.

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