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Ten truths about hypnosis (part one)

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First truth: Even when every other method has failed, hypnosis can still work!

Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome any other bad habits, reduce anxiety or stress, or pain management, hypnosis can be a very powerful method to help you uncover the underlying source or your issue in order to fully resolve it.

Though you have already tried many other methods to no avail, because hypnosis is unique there is no reason to suppose that it will not work for you either.

Hypnosis is unique in that it is able to tap into the subconscious mind where many memories and emotions are stored unbeknownst to you. Tapping into this aspect of the mind can allow you to make more powerful associations than you could consciously, and this can let you in on more info and deeper insights into the issue which can help to resolve it more fully.

Second truth: a hypnotic state is a completely normal and natural state of mind

Though you might not have known it at the time, you have more than likely been in a hypnotic state many many times in your life. Anytime you lose track of time, for instance, is considered as a light hypnotic state.

Other types of everyday light hypnotic states include really getting into a song, getting lost in a book, or even just daydreaming, so as you can see this kind of self-hypnosis is a daily occurrence for just about every individual.

Another very common example of a light hypnotic state is the time just before you fall asleep as your brainwaves slow down when moving towards the REM or deep sleep state.

​To put it simply, hypnosis is nothing more than a state of heightened focus and relaxation that removes one from their more rational, conscious mind. You might even say that this state is something that we constantly strive for by trying to get “in” to things, to become engaged, to enjoy fully, or even to have fun or get into the moment.

Your hypnotist will help you to achieve a state like this through breathing as well as visualization exercises. This allows your body to relax very deeply and to enter a light or medium hypnotic state that will shift the focus of your mind inward to allow you to communicate with your subconscious mind and its hidden insights.

Third truth: During hypnosis you are always in control

Unlike the way hypnotism is depicted on TV, a hypnotist cannot forcibly hypnotize people against their will. All a hypnotist can do is help their client to shift their focus inward in order to communicate with their subconscious: ultimately it has to be done willingly.

As a hypnotist, I know personally that I exercise no control over my clients. In fact, I see my role being about giving even more control to my clients, helping them to master their own issues from within.

If you have ever been to a stage hypnotism performance where audience members barked like dogs or did other ridiculous things while under hypnosis, you should be aware that the real talent behind stage hypnotism lies in identifying the kind of audience members who will be willing to play along for the fun of being part of the show: these people always know exactly what they are doing.

Hypnotism is also often used by TV and movie villains to manipulate or control others for their own nefarious purposes, but in reality this is no more possible than the barking scenario above because the mind has its own protective function that just doesn’t make it possible for a hypnotist to brainwash you.

If you are not convinced, it might help if you look at it this way: professional hypnotists like myself have an interest in helping our clients heal just as much as any other therapist, and even if we could it would not be particularly helpful to us to make you quack like a duck or do the limbo during your session!

Fourth truth: the client is conscious during the entire session

During your hypnosis session, your conscious mind is bypassed temporarily to allow the subconscious mind to take information in without the conscious mind’s interference.

This means that you will be extremely focused; however, it does not mean that you will lose consciousness or awareness at any point. Afterwards you will remember as much of what you experienced in the hypnotic state as you would from a long conversation with a friend, or a university lecture. You will also emerge from the session with a feeling of refreshment and renewal.

There has never been a case documented of someone getting trapped in or unable to come out of a hypnotic state. The only thing approaching that are cases of people not wanting to come out of the state, because they felt so peaceful and relaxed!

​Fifth truth: hypnotism operates beneath the level of conscious thought

It is generally recognized that our conscious minds are only able to hang onto seven pieces of information at once. The subconscious mind, alternatively, has an unlimited capacity! Accordingly, there are a wealth of forgotten motivations lurking beneath your conscious mind, and tapping into these can allow you to understand the issues you are facing and help you to move past them.

Becoming aware of an unconscious motivation or influence on your life can be a very powerful and life changing insight. Being able to understand what is behind your unhealthy or unwanted behaviors or habits is one of the most effective and fastest methods of change, since the change occurs naturally and is not a matter of conscious effort or will.

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