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Why People Are Turning to Hypnotherapy In 2022

Hypnotherapy Perth

The world has faced some pretty difficult times over the past few years. From political upheaval across multiple countries to the unfolding climate catastrophe, simmering racial tensions, a global pandemic, and now, war, things in 2022 seem worse than ever before. All this has led to increased stress levels and skyrocketing rates of anxiety and mental health issues.

As we seek help to face these problems, we first have to overcome the stigma attached to reaching out. Many people still believe that getting help is something to be embarrassed about, that it means they’re weak or “broken”. Thankfully, the conversation is slowly shifting, with more and more people accepting that getting the help they need is a necessary act and that doing so represents acceptance and strength. 

Getting the Help we Need

Where do we turn for help? Many people simply don’t have access to bespoke treatment centres, and it can be tough to find trained professionals who can help out. While psychology has traditionally been the go-to solution for many years, other therapies – once referred to as ‘alternate therapies’ but now seen as equally effective treatment options – like hypnotherapy, are helping people to find sustainable solutions to their challenges. 

Before we dive into the benefits of hypnotherapy, it is important to remember that hypnotherapy is not a replacement for psychology. While hypnotherapy represents an incredible treatment for many problems, it is crucial to know that other challenges require psychotherapeutic assistance. 

We examine why people are turning more and more to hypnotherapy as a viable answer to stress, anxiety, eating disorders, pain, and addiction, in 2022. We touch on the benefits that hypnotherapy has to offer those looking for a helping hand.

  • An Effective Alternative to Medications

Hypnotherapy is a great option to try before heading down the pharmaceutical route. Medications can be costly and often come with many detrimental side effects to the patient. Before heading off to a psychiatrist, think about exploring hypnotherapy as a solution.

  • A Rise in Meditation & Positive Thinking

The world is starting to see the fantastic benefits of living in the present, embracing positive thinking and using affirmations to improve their lives. Meditation is an age-old practice that helps people relax and find solace every day. Hypnotherapy uses meditative practices and positive thinking to access the subconscious and tap into a deeper level of the mind, allowing us to discover the answers we’re looking for. 

  • More Research & Proof that Hypnotherapy Works

While hypnotherapy was once seen as a fringe treatment, countless studies and clinical research have proven that hypnotherapy is an effective practice. Hypnotherapy is now endorsed by many recognised psychologists and mental health professionals, with the industry among the fastest-growing mental healthcare fields. 

  • Treats a Wider Range of Issues

Hypnotherapy is capable of treating a multitude of different ailments, with the list getting longer every day. Where various medical and psychotherapeutic treatments focus on specific disorders of the mind or the body, hypnotherapy is amazingly adaptable and dynamic. It is capable of dealing with issues of both the body and the mind while addressing multiple things from pain to smoking and eating disorders to suppressed memories.

  • Quicker Results

There is no instant silver bullet cure to mental health and physical ailments. If there were, none of us would ever need any help! But sometimes, we’re looking for a fast solution to our problems. Medicating is often only a quick fix, and psychotherapy can take many months to begin showing results. One of the biggest benefits of hypnotherapy, however, is the rate at which we start to see positive change after beginning treatment. This is because hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious, opening a direct line of communication with the mind and often – though not always – showing results in as few as 4-6 sessions.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You in 2022

Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment that focuses on growth, healing, and transformative wellness. As much as psychotherapy cannot fully replace hypnotherapy, and hypnotherapy cannot do everything that psychotherapy can, if you require treatment that is relatively affordable, quick, deals with unique or specific issues and works with meditative practices, then hypnotherapy is a good option in 2022. 

At Hypnocare, Hypnotherapy Clinic our trained therapists work to actively foster a creative state of mind, relaxing the body and cultivating an environment where positive learning can occur effectively. Instead of simply picking a mainstream solution to your issues and challenges, consider a hypnotherapeutic one, like Hypnocare. Hypnosis.




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Have been seeing linda for a few months now and has changed my life for the better greatly! I was sceptical at first but Linda made me feel so comfortable and she really is great at what she does My issue was with alcohol and no longer is an issue for me. Thanks again Linda

I was a habitual worrier. If all was ok my mind would search for the next problem. I came out of my second session with Linda and this had disappeared. I felt light. I had a realisation that whatever my situation, I had a choice. It was highly liberating and has persevered. I ended up studying hypnosis and have a new respect for what Linda helped me achieve. She's genuine and down to earth. Thanks Linda

Linda is a very experienced practitioner in the field. I feel very lucky to have had support from such a seasoned professional. Thank you for all you have done to help me progress Linda. It is much appreciated.

It’s been 8 weeks smoke free and the idea of picking up a cigarette is so unappealing I now sometimes wonder how I was ever a smoker. My skin is better, I'm not carrying around guilt every day, I don't stink, I'm not as anxious, basically I'm so happy it's all behind me and count my lucky stars I don't have to live that smoker life anymore. I think I was really ready to quit this time, and can't thank Linda enough for helping me make that happen. I didn't know if I had the strength to quit for good, but the session we did reminded me just how strong I am. Thank you millions and millions Linda, that one afternoon in your chair has changed my life and helped me kick a habit I've struggled with for over 10 years. Thank you so very much 🙏🙏

In 2008 I visited Linda in her Subiaco clinic to treat a psychological tick involving constant jaw clenching/clicking (probably around 200 times per day - for years). After just 1 session it stopped dead immediately - 100%. It has now remained a forgotten habit for 9 years... had I not gone to her, I would have probably developed an arthritic jaw by now!

Wow! There are no words that can really express my transformation after a few sessions with Linda. When I initially came to see Linda, I was suffering from anxiety and depression from a number of traumatic experiences I had been through in recent years. My anxiety and depression had started impacting my work, relationships and health. I averaged 2 HRS of sleep a night and sat on my couch every painfully stricken day, debilitated by everything that was going on. After my first session, I drove out of Linda’s office feeling light as a feather; I slept like a baby that night and signed up to a gym. By my 3rd session, I was comfortable with speaking to a group of people, I was sleeping regularly and had a huge motivation to go to the gym six days a week. Not only is my life on track, I am following my dreams. Things that I promised myself I would do one day, I am already doing. What stood out for me, was that Linda’s work taught my inner being to help myself, rather than rely on other people to help me find my way. Linda’s work not only instantaneously helped me, the effects of Linda’s work has unfolded over the last 3 months. Thank you Linda. You are truly a blessing.

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