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What Does Hypnotherapy Help With?

What Does Hypnotherapy Help With?

Hypnotherapy has been used with success to treat a surprising number or personal issues.

An exhaustive list would be far too long for a single post!

Accordingly, the following will be a more of an overall breakdown of the kinds of things you can reasonably expect hypnotherapy to help you with.

1) Habits: We all have habits, both good and bad. To some extent it is as if we are in large part on auto-pilot in what we do from day to day. Hypnotherapy sessions are able not only to encourage and promote your good habits while discouraging your bad habits, it is also able to help you reflect on and discover which of your habits are beneficial and which are detrimental to your quality of life to begin with. Many people have used hypnotherapy to quit smoking or drinking, exercise more often, eat healthier food, and so forth.

2) Feelings: At times we have very strong emotions triggered by certain events or circumstances, and sometimes these emotions can be quite dramatic and inappropriate to the comparative banality of the event or circumstances which trigger them. While some triggered emotional responses like these can be perfectly healthy, some can be quite unhealthy and disrupt your daily life rather drastically. Hypnotherapy is, once again, able to help you discover which of your emotional responses are unhealthy to begin with, and then help you to transform your responses into something more helpful and positive. Does novelty cause you to have feelings of suspicion or fear, for instance? Why not face novelty with healthy curiosity and hope?

3) Thoughts or beliefs: It is easy to develop self-defeating beliefs about oneself. For instance, you might have assumed for years that you are simply an “unmusical person”, and have always thought that learning how to play an instrument is not possible despite the fact that it has always been a dream of yours to do so. Or you might simply believe yourself to be of a certain “quality” person-wise, and have accepted your current lot in life despite the fact that you would otherwise try to find a way out or above your current situation if you thought you could. Beliefs like this can become very deeply ingrained, especially when reinforced over many years by family or colleagues, and accordingly can be difficult to overcome consciously. Hypnotherapy is able to access your subconscious mind in a way that can help you to kick these kinds of self-defeating beliefs about yourself.

4) Performance or athletics: Many performers and especially athletes already use a kind of mental rehearsal or conditioning in order to improve their performance. Acting out a performance in advance and imagining everything going as well as it possibly could, believe it or not, can help performers of all kinds to actually do their best when it comes to the real performance. Doing this kind of mental rehearsal with the help of a competent hypnotherapist who specializes in athletic or other kinds of performances is easier for some performers than doing it on their own.

5) Creativity: Many artists, painters, musicians, writers, dancers, or craftsmen, have found hypnotherapy useful for encouraging their creativity. Many artists experience something similar to the well-known “writer’s block” in which they experience periods of uninspiration or the inability to produce anything authentically original or real. Hypnotherapy is able to treat these sorts of blocks but getting at the underlying root of the problem, whether it’s lack of confidence, loss of purpose, or even just boredom.

This is just a summary of the main areas of issues that most patients use hypnotherapy to deal with. It is not by any means, however, an exhaustive list, and we highly encourage you to contact a certified hypnotherapist today to ask about your specific issue and about whether or not hypnotherapy can be used to treat it.

You might be surprised at just how many things hypnotherapy can help with!

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