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Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnosis and Weight Loss Studies

The following are the results of a number of academic studies looking at weight loss methods that use hypnosis:

Weight Loss Hypnosis- More Successful For Losing Weight Compared To Other Methods

Research on the use of hypnosis for losing weight investigated the effects for 60 females, each at least 20% overweight.

The treatment included: group hypnotherapy with maintenance suggestions, metaphors for ego-strengthening, decision making and motivation, and ideometer exploration in individual hypnosis.

Follow-up showed this method to be more successful than a control group with an average loss of seventeen pounds by the group subject to hypnosis compared to a loss of half a pound on average by each member of the control group.

Five studies in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology from 1996 showed that hypnosis can more than double the results of traditional weight reduction tactics.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Aids In Weight Reduction Up To 2 Years Later

109 people finished a behavioural treatment for weight reduction in two groups, one using hypnotherapy and one without.

Following the end of the program, which lasted 9 weeks, both groups had a significant reduction in weight. At subsequent follow-ups over the course of the next 2 years the people were shown to have kept losing significant amounts of weight while the other people had little difference.

This is an important distinction which shows the longer-term merits of hypnosis.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Results In Losing More Weight Than 90% Than Others & Keeping It Off

Researchers compared 18 studies involving cognitive behavioural therapies such as relaxation training, self monitoring, goal setting, guided imagery, versus the same therapy involving hypnosis.

Those who used hypnosis managed to lose more weight than 90% of those who did not and they maintained this reduction during the two year period after treatment.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Showed Significantly Reduced Weight

Researchers examined overweight smoking and non-smoking women who used hypnosis for weight loss showed that both achieved impressive decreases in Body Mass Index.

A follow-up exam showed the hypnotherapy resulted in noticeably lower post-treatment weights and a larger average of weight lost. A separate look at 60 women who were a minimum of 20% overweight used hypnosis alone and no other treatment, and resulted in notable weight loss.

Focus on reducing Stress with Hypnosis Resulted in Significant Loss

60 obese patients were subject to a random, controlled study of two types of hypnotherapy directed at reducing stress and energy intake reduction, versus using just dietary advice.

Stress reduction Hypnotherapy yielded far greater results than the other two groups. It has been shown that if hypnosis is used the resulting weight loss will be far more than situations where it is not. This benefit has been proven to increase over time, also.

Hypnosis Proven to Reduce Intensity and Frequency of Migraines

Research compared the treatment of migraines using the drug Stemetil versus Hypnosis and autohypnosis.

Results show that the number of people who suffered Migraine attacks was much lower in the group receiving hypnotherapy than the group receiving standard drug treatment.

For this group using hypnosis, the frequency and intensity of migraines was markedly lower than when using previous treatments.

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