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Treating Stress With Hypnotherapy Clinic Perth

Treating Stress With Hypnotherapy

The hormone that causes the most damage to the human brain and damage to your body, is cortisol. 

Cortisol is a steroid hormone which is made by 2 adrenal glands found on top of your kidneys. 

Cortisol is not a bad hormone

Cortisol at normal levels is a life sustaining adrenal hormone, and is vital for your body’s homeostasis.

Cortisol is in fact, is essential for life.

It controls your body’s anti-inflammatory process whilst managing the body’s immune system. Cortisol also regulates your blood pressure and together with the hormone insulin, it regulates your blood glucose levels. 

But when cortisol is not in control, it’s a disaster for your brain and body.

When you read about stress causing this, or stress causing that, what most people do not know is, it is relating to the effects of cortisol running rampant throughout the body.



The Factor Of Stress

Stress causes an increase in cortisol.

But it is important to note and recognise that it is ‘chronic stress’ that we need to worry about. Because with chronic stress, cortisol does not switch off.

Unlike adrenaline, that quickly surges and just as quickly dissipates, cortisol is damaging because it doesn’t go away.

Cortisol streams through your body continually, making it dangerous for your brain (and your body as a consequence).

The x2 Types Of Stress

1. Continual Stress

Too much continual “stress” is usually repeated events that cause the raising of stress mediators over continuing long periods of time, without any relief.

For example, constant ‘money worries’, financial hardship, relationship strain, or experiences of oppression, violence, racism, genocide, or femicide.

Usually this type of stress leads to the inability to relax for extended periods.

2. Failure to Adapt

This type of stress involves a failure to adapt to the same repeated stress symptom.

This leads to an over-exposure to stress mediators because of the failure of the body to lessen or eliminate the hormonal stress conditions to a repeated event.

An example of this is the finding that, while most people can adapt their cortisol response to regular public speaking activities so that it becomes less stressful over time, a significant minority of people fail to adapt and continue to show elevated cortisol response no matter how often they speak in public (Kirschbaum et al, 1995).

Another example is high blood pressure levles in work-related stress which lessen over time for most people; the longer they are in the job the less job stress they experience.

With that said, work related high blood pressure is very slow to decrease in some individuals with a family history of hypertension (Gerin & Pickering, 1995).

Hypnotherapy is a valuable tool in the treatment of stress

Hypnotherapy is a valuable tool to use in assisting people to gain greater clarity about why they deem specific situations stressful, which then translates into them having a more conscious choice about how to deal with those scenarios.

Professional hypnotherapy sessions also provides direct access to the unconscious mind’s control of the nervous system and the endocrine system.


  • Hypnotherapy can be a powerful treatment for stress because it treats the issue at it’s core: the triggers.
  • Because hypnotherapy is primarily a method for accessing and treating the subconscious, it’s perfect for stress and anxiety as well as countless other issues that originate in some type of trigger or locked away memory.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress seek the expertise of a professional hypnotherapist for expert advice and treatment.

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