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Treating PTSD With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has now become a reputable, science-based treatment for people suffering from PTSD. PTSD, aka Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, includes a number of symptoms arising from traumatic events occurring in a person’s life. Symptoms of PTSD generally include:

  1. Sudden flashbacks which play out a traumatic event in your mind
  2. 2. Unsettling dreams or nightmares
  3. Physical pain such as tension in the body or teeth grinding as a result of anxiety
  4. Reacting uncontrollably and unreasonably to insignificant problems or setbacks
  5. Meaningless outbursts of anger
  6. Strange or counter-intuitive phobias, for example a fear of butterflies
  7. Sleeping disorder
  8. Incapability of relaxing the body or mind
  9. Constant fear, stress, or tension
  10. Incapability of concentrating and memory loss

An additional common symptom is that a certain person or situation can very suddenly remind the sufferer of their traumatic event.

This is what’s know as a “trigger”.


As an example of a PTSD trigger, a person who has military combat experience might suddenly relive the stress of that combat situation as they walk down the street and hear a car backfire.

The person re-experiences the past situation as if it were the present once again.

The trigger, the sound of the car backfiring, might cause this person’s heart to pound violently, she/he might begin to sweat profusely, and her/his breathing might speed up dramatically; the person might even find themselves running to take cover.

The PTSD sufferer, once triggered, might also begin having flashbacks in which memories can flood the mind so vividly that they might even believe that they are actually on the battlefield again.

Hypnotherapy, by and large, aims to unlock the subconscious mind.

It must be emphasized that the major tools of the conscious mind are rationality, analysis and judgment.

By contrast, the subconscious mind is associated more with our senses. It is like a giant sensory vehicle which consists of the capability to experience the world through the senses.

Tapping into this aspect of the mind can help can help someone suffering from PTSD, and the first step is to understand what these kinds of PTSD triggers really are.


Triggers like those described above can be extremely unsettling for victims of PTSD who is not yet aware they even have PTSD, or who are simply unacquainted with their own specific triggers.

PTSD can often go undiagnosed by a doctor or even go unrecognized by a psychiatrist.

Some common instances of undiagnosed cases of PTSD occur in people who grew up with alcoholic or abusive parents, or even in a household with a large amount of fighting.

Anyone who has been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused as a child has likely grown up with symptoms of PTSD even if it has not been diagnosed or treated.

A familiarity with the basic principles of the mind via hypnotherapy provides us with the most effective tool for truly recognizing, diagnosing, and finally treating PTSD.

Hypnotherapy for the treatment of PTSD (here) is a results-based treatment that can treat symptoms effectively along with their underlying causes.

Those who have particularly severe symptoms of PTSD are the same as those who will benefit the most from hypnotherapy, as well as those who have suffered a trauma or stressful experience in their childhood.

Here are some examples of the ways in which hypnotherapy is used to treat PTSD:

  • The use of powerful exercises to reduce stress which can also be recorded for the PTSD patient to replay these exercises every day or as often as they need to outside of the treatment facility
  • A titration of the patients symptoms so that she/he may slowly reduce reactions to their triggers
  • An identifying each specific trigger so that the patient can gain more control over their daily life
  • Delving deeply into an individual’s memories in order to see if any other, earlier traumatic events are contributing further to the PTSD symptoms


Hypnotherapy can be used as a powerful means to treat PTSD because it goes to the core of the issue: namely, the triggers.

If you can heal the triggers, you can heal the patient. And since hypnotherapy is by and large a means to access and treat the subconscious mind, it is ideal for PTSD as well as countless other mental issues which originate in a trigger or repressed memory.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress seek the expertise of a professional hypnotherapist for expert advice and treatment.

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