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Treating Anxiety & Stress with Hypnotherapy

The Treatment of Anxiety and Stress with Hypnotherapy

There are 3 key ways ways that anxiety has traditionally been treated.

  1. Normally medication is offered to the patient as the initial form of treatment. Although this might work for some, this method is something like covering up a gaping wound with a band-aid. In the hopes that this giant wound will eventually heal, one then reapplies the band-aid again and again, despite the fact that the band-aid is simply not large enough to cover up the injury. The bleeding will continue and perhaps even an infection arise leading you straight to the emergency room because the real severity of the wound was neglected.
  2. Others will go to a counselor or take a class in stress reduction, hoping to get some relief. This method could be compared to placing a band-aid on the wrong part of the body altogether. Imagine the wound were on the left leg and you put the band-aid instead on the right. This obviously won’t stop the bleeding whatsoever.
  3. Others will simply ignore or get used to the anxiety over many years until finally the symptoms demand attention. One may become so anxious they drive their family crazy to the point that their spouse will want a divorce. Or they may even begin to self-medicate the problem with food, drugs, sex, alcohol, or gambling, eventually ending up at AA, or a diet or marriage counselor. Once again, the symptoms alone are being treated instead of rooting out the source of the anxiety, and any superficial form of treatment like this simply won’t solve the real problem.

Why is Hypnotherapy so Effective for Treating Anxiety and Stress?

Hypnotherapy aims to addressing the underlying cause of the anxiety. 

Successful hypnotherapy is able to quickly, sometimes even during the first session, determine the underlying source of the patient’s anxiety using age regression work.

A hypnotherapy session always begins by addressing the current situation or trigger event in the patient’s life.

They might describe, for example, how they become extremely anxious in the face of public speaking, having to speak in front of a professional board for an examination, having to speak to a superior, or even having to take part in a public sporting event.

Hypnotherapy begins by addressing the feelings the person experiences before this speech or performance begins. Typical feelings feeding the anxiety are numerous, for example shame, fear, or panic.

The next step is to locate these feelings in the body. Perhaps the patient will say the feeling is in their stomach or chest. Then the patient is asked to express these feelings in order to help relieve the stress from their body.

This is a major factor in what makes hypnotherapy effective.

Most traditional counselors or therapists have learned to treat anxiety by talking about it with the patient.

But simply talking about emotions does not resolve or relieve them: feelings are not located in the mind, but in the body.

Next the patient is asked to look back at one of the first times they had the same or a similar feeling of anxiety related to a performance.

Because the patient has been hypnotized, it is really their subconscious mind being addressed and also being asked to convey the missing pieces of the puzzle to the patients conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is like a giant reservoir of data, something like the memory chip of a computer.

It saves a large amount of data about the patterns in a person’s life which can then be accessed by hypnotherapy.

We try to find, in the patient’s past, the same situation of facing a speech or performance and experiencing the anxiety combined with feelings of panic or fear manifesting in a tightness of the stomach, profuse sweating, or even the act of hiding one’s face in shame.

And if the client is able to regress to the initial and paradigmatic event, very often it is found in their childhood.

Continuing with performance anxiety as an example, the subconscious mind may take the patient back to the age of 12 when they were asked to make a presentation in front of their class at school.

They remember that their teacher began to yell at them because they presented the wrong assignment. The other students started laughing at them and calling them names. Or they may even regress further back to the age of 5 when they wet their pants in kindergarten and their teacher shamed or embarrassed them in front of their classmates.

Finally, during the hypnotherapy session this five year old version of the patient can be helped to invent a different experience.

They can now reprimand their teacher, telling him that it hurts their feelings to speak to them in that way, and demand that he never do it again.

The patient can also remember that their best friend in the class was not laughing at or mocking them, and accordingly can find comfort in their friend’s support.

Believe it or not, the relief felt by this regressed five year old version of the patient actually relieves the anxiety of the adult version and bolsters their current self-confidence.

The real virtue of hypnotherapy is that it can walk the bridge spanning a patient’s entire life, finding its way to the root of their anxiety.

In Conclusion

Hypnotherapy is able to treat simultaneously the entire complex of mind, body, and emotion as one. By delving into the source of the anxiety, hypnotherapy can root the problem out altogether.

Imagine if you wanted to remove the weeds from your garden but only cut the upper part of the weed appearing above ground.

Everyone certainly knows that this will not eliminate the weed and that it will grow right back before long. By find the roots of a patient’s anxiety, however, the problem can be eliminated once and for all.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress seek the expertise of a professional hypnotherapist for expert advice and treatment.

Hypnocare Hypnosis Clinic Fremantle

Linda Millburn

Located in Hilton, 3min from Fremantle, WA.

Tel: 0409 079 435

Tel: 08 9388 6322

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If you are experiencing high levels of stress seek the expertise of a professional hypnotherapist for expert advice and treatment.

Hypnocare Hypnosis Clinic Fremantle

Linda Millburn

Located in Hilton, 3min from Fremantle, WA.

Tel: 0409 079 435

Tel: 08 9388 6322

Hypnocare Hypnosis Clinic Mundaring/Midland


Tel: 0423936933

Medical Disclaimer

Results will vary from person to person.

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Hypnocare Hypnosis Clinic Fremantle

Linda Milburn

Located in Hilton, 3 min from Fremantle, WA.

0409 079 435
08 9388 6322

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Linda Milburn

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