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Looking Into The Subconscious Mind

subconscious mind

It makes sense to think of your subconscious mind like your long-term memory, in that it stores everything you’ve ever seen, felt, or experienced even when all of these thoughts, feelings, and memories are not present to your conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is constantly storing every bit of information possible, regardless of our present state of mind, and particularly strong or painful feelings or experiences tend to become more deeply imprinted there.

If through negative and painful experiences we develop judgmental or negative beliefs about ourselves, our subconscious can hold onto these beliefs quite tenaciously, making it very difficult to change one’s self-perception.

Another analogy that fits quite well with the subconscious is to see it like a smart phone or computer.

Think of your negative ideas about yourself (I’m useless, I’m not good enough, no one will like me if I don’t try to please them) as something like apps for your phone or programs for your computer.

Your devices don’t care whether these apps or programs are good for them or not, they simply act as they have been programmed to act.

The subconscious mind is similar in that it is not able to distinguish between ideas and feelings that are good or bad for you, but simply operates on what it has been told to do without asking any questions.

This aspect of the subconscious mind is what allows hypnotherapy to “reprogram” it, so to speak, and replace the negative self-image with a more positive one; something like a computer programmer removing harmful or disruptive programs or apps and replacing them with healthier, better-functioning ones.

Again, just like when need to update the operating system of our phones and computers from time to time to keep them running smoothly (not to mention getting a fresh look), we also need to update ourselves periodically so that our long-ingrained attitudes don’t cause us to lag and fall behind.

If you’ve begun to notice a decrease in your efficiency at work, your overall happiness wit life, or a certain tension or even boredom in your relationships, then it may be time for a reboot, so to speak.

A professional hypnotherapist can help you make the kinds of updates that you want to make in your life by implanting positive or reinforcing suggestions in your subconscious.

Empowerment is the major aim of hypnotherapy, which means allowing patients to participate in their own process of healing.

For my part, I want my patients to decide for themselves how they want to live their lives, and I believe that it is only by working together with my clients that I can help them get to a place where they are genuinely content.

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