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Sports Hypnosis

There are many misunderstandings about what hypnosis does and the advantages that it has to offer. Many athletes can benefit from undergoing a hypnosis session.

Out of all the sports psychologists in the United States there are very few that are certified sports hypnotherapy specialists. These specialists can use hypnosis as well as self hypnosis to help their clients and improve their performance consistently.

For example tennis is an individual sport and hypnosis can help tennis players at any age.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis has been around in ancient cultures for many years and has been used to treat many different types of medical conditions.
There is nothing new to be found out about hypnosis.

Hypnosis as well as self hypnosis is used often and we do not even think about it.

There may be times when you are driving and you are surprised when you arrive at your location and do not notice anything familiar such as landmarks.

In this situation it was like you were driving on autopilot. Your mind was likely elsewhere. This is an example of going into a trance when your eyes are open. The same thing can happen to a sports player during a game.

Many people put themselves in a hypnotic state without knowing what they are doing. Imagine having the ability to visualize as well as focus on the moves you want to make when playing sports.

For example you may want to use a hypnosis program so your team can see success and build on the skills that each player has.

Sport hypnosis has the power to do this every day.

Mind and Body Connection

You are part of a team that is about to play the State Tennis Championship and each player knows that their performance is important for the team. They may begin to get nervous.

Negative thoughts may begin to take over

  • “What happens if I don’t play my best?”
  • “The coach is counting on my performance.”
  • “ I do not want to disappoint my teammates. “
  • “ My parents are watching and I do not want to mess up.”

There is a lot of research that shows that negative statements can lead to a decrease in performance.

Every thought was have passes through the cells in our body through chemicals and electrical currents. Our body and the way we move is indirectly impacted by our thought process.

This can be why players often do much better when they are practicing verses when they are playing the game. When playing the game negative self talk is holding the player back. There is a simple way to avoid this.

Sports Hypnosis The Secret Weapon

Sports psychologists are new teaching athletes how to use positive self talk. This is a great strategy for them to learn.

Poor habits including negative self talk can easily come back when a player is stressed out.

Sports hypnosis can help players change their thinking during a game especially when it is important. They can make important decision during the crunch time they can affect the game.

The athlete needs to concentrate and they cannot be distracted with negative thoughts in their mind.

Before the game the athlete will go to bed and visualise how they feel the perfect game would be. They can think about how they are going to overcome challenges. Before the match they will also think in this way. This will help the athlete relax and focus. Their negative thoughts will not get in the way of the game. The athlete will be able to focus on what they do to win the game.

Any athlete can be taught to use self hypnosis.

There are many examples in the history of sports where self hypnosis has helped athletes overcome challenges and improve their performance.

Sports hypnosis experts such as myself have taught these techniques to athlete in all sports to help them improve their performance.

They also learned how to enhance their intensity, focus, concentration, mental thoughts, and how to control their anxiety.

When giving players the tools they need to be successful they will improve their performance. Sports hypnosis can be one of the best tools a player can use to be the best at their game.

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