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Perth Hypnosis Clinic

Perth Hypnosis Clinic

If you are looking to lose weight or quit smoking, you could try a leading Perth hypnosis clinic.

The data on hypnosis research proves beyond doubt that that hypnosis is a feasible health treatment option. Hypnosis is a proven an effective technique used to treat a wide array of physical and psychological ailments.

The cost of doing a hypnosis research is costly, and most of the evidential research is for health and medical purposes. Hypnotherapists can take advantage and apply for funding offered to research and universities to conduct further research on the topic. The hypnotherapists often use the technique on the patients on a daily basis to address a wide array of medical issues. However, the lack of funds to conduct research is a hindrance to the experts.

Hypnosis has become an accepted medical practice. Many experts are adopting the technique in their practices. The American and British Medical Association endorsed the procedure in 1950. Also, there are plenty of studies that utilise hypnosis in different areas to address various issues. The article below will give an overview of the hypnosis research.

Hypnosis and Smoking

How can hypnosis help smokers break the bad habit? How does it work? There is a lot of research that shows the relationship between the two. Research shows there was 90.6 percent success rate for people who underwent hypnosis.
43 patients who underwent the treatment protocol and 39 of them reported of abstaining from tobacco six months- 3 years after post treatment.

Another 81 percent of the study patients reported they stopped smoking entirely after the treatment procedure.
In another study, 30 smokers were referred to HMO by their doctors for treatment. 21 out of the 30 patients received hypnosis after their initial consultation, and they ceased smoking. At the end of the treatment course, 81 percent of the patients quit smoking. 48 percent of them reported of abstinence 12 months after treatment.

Success Rates with Hypnosis

There is a lot of interesting research and data that shows the effectiveness of the hypnosis in helping smokers quit.

Patients who undergo hypnosis are twice most likely to stop smoking two years after undergoing hypnosis. In a study with 71 smokers, results showed that the patients were able to remain smoke-free two years after the treatment compared to patients who quit on their own.

Data from the group hypnosis sessions revealed that there was a 22 percent less effective rate compared to the individual hypnosis sessions. However, the group sessions appear to be more effective in drug intervention cases.

Hypnosis vs. Other Techniques

The patch is one of the ways of quitting smoking. However, studies show that hypnosis is an effective technique of breaking the bad habit. Over 600 studies have been conducted that involve close to 72000 people in Europe and America that compare the various techniques of quitting cigarette smoking.

In all the studies, hypnosis proved to three times more successful compared to other techniques such as nicotine replacement methods. Hypnosis is 15 times better and effective technique compared to trying to quit on their own.

We have not covered everything in this area, so we encourage you to do additional research on the same.

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