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Benefits Of Hypnotherapy In Calming Performance Anxiety

Most people experience performance anxiety especially when they are required to perform a work-related task in the presence of their superiors, or during public speaking, or even appearing before a crowd. The anxiety in most cases manifests as fear.

These performance anxieties mostly affect athletes including skiers, skaters, footballers, basketball players, soccer players and even dog agility trainers. These groups of people strive to excel and maybe join big leagues where they can perform before large audiences in their hundreds or even thousands.

Unfortunately, this never happens as intended, instead the performer develops anxiety on their big day.

Performing art and work college-going students and graduates is the other group with a potential of suffering performance anxiety. They perform in restaurants and other public places with the hope of landing their dream job in a theatre in the coming days.

These include young but talented musicians, singers, dancers, ice skaters among other talented persons whose bright future suffers a setback due to performance anxiety. We have been made to believe that we should not be nervous.

In some cases, debilitating anxiety manifests as migraine headaches – the anxiety that can cause vomiting or acute stress whose symptoms resemble those of flu. When patients visit their doctors, all they get is anti-anxiety prescriptions.

All these prescriptions are meant to ease symptoms associated with anxiety, including nausea and headache. These drugs help in relieving the performance anxiety symptoms; they however do not do away with it.

Most of the advice we get to hear about performance anxiety aim at reducing, rather than eliminating it. Since time immemorial, people have used all the ways possible to eliminate this undesirable feeling that come as a result of performance anxiety.

Most performance anxiety reduction solutions have suggested that thoroughly practising your skills, getting the best trainer/coach, consuming different supplements, and in other cases engaging in doping practices. Unfortunately, neither of these solutions entirely eliminates performance anxiety, nor legally improves your performance.

From numerous past studies and experiences, it is evident that there is no problem in being anxious. However, the problem has been our inability to learn to take advantage of the adrenaline that is brought about by this anxiety.

By telling yourself or an anxious person to relax, you do a more harm than good to them by in fact confirming that it is not good to be anxious, and they should fear such anxiety, and lastly, should do all they can to eliminate it.

Then, the question we should ask ourselves is – how can we transform anxiety from being a burden, to working to our advantage?

Stress is a recipe for performance anxiety, but even most important is that it creates adrenalin. Once you are on adrenaline, you are prone to fight or escape. Since guaranteeing a good presentation is must when performing, it is important to harness your adrenaline and use it to your advantage.

Be Mindful Of Your Breathing

Leaning to breathe diaphragmatically is one technique commonly used to reverse the stress response. Remember, when we are under stress, and anxious, our bodies respond with shallow and quick chest breathing.

Diaphragmatic breathing provides an efficient way of breathing, and it also provides a suitable environment for the activation of the response by the parasympathetic nervous system. This response acts as the antidote in your body when it is prepared for the flight/fight response.

Throughout the week, day in day out, you need to keep practising energetic breathing. You also need to be open-minded and allow your words, phrases, colours, sounds and pictures get back to you.

Desist from censoring anything. In case you notice negative thoughts including personal judgements or self-criticism trying to interfere, accommodate them and teach them not to; just the same way you teach small children.

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