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Overcoming Your Fear Of The Dentist Using Hypnosis

dentist phobia hypnosis treatment

Dentist related phobias, related to dentist offices, chairs, or even dentists themselves, are surprisingly common.

The reasons behind these fears varies, but some of the more common ones include:

  • feeling helpless due to being unable to speak during dental care
  • being intentionally frightened about dentists as a child by an older sibling or friend
  • fear inherited as a child from a respected adult who had the same fear
  • memories of pain from a toothache
  • an unpleasant experience in a dentist’s chair

A lot of people who have some sort of dentist related fear like this usually avoid regular checkups and dental cleanings. Putting off regular visits to the dentist, however, can lead to some of the following results:

  • health or even heart problems caused by the buildup of excessive tooth bacteria
  • cavities
  • neglected minor problems which bloom into much more serious and expensive problems to deal with

If you would like to overcome your fear and help yourself towards healthier teeth, hypnotism can be a very valuable tool for removing or at least reducing the effects of your fear of the dentist.

Hypnosis can aid you to restructure your negative responses towards thoughts of the dentist, turning them into positive expectations about the results of the checkup and treatment.

In the face of the current crisis regarding opioid addiction, a lot of people who used to receive anti-anxiety medication to help with their dentist related fears have begun to look for alternative approaches to treating their fear.

Many studies have shown that hypnosis can be used as a very powerful and non-pharmacological tool in dentistry.

While drugs only provide a temporary fix for the sake of a single procedure, hypnotism is able to help patients to reduce their dentist related anxiety overall while allowing dentists to decrease the doses of sedatives and analgesic drugs needed for such patients.

All in all, fear of dentists and dentist offices is a very widespread phenomenon that can lead to a lapse in regular visits to the dentist which can eventually bring about the need for more serious and expensive procedures.

Hypnosis has been found to serve as a very effective and natural method for reducing these fears as well as helping to avoid the negative consequences that tend to result from them.

It also poses no threat of addiction or other negative side effects associated with anti-anxiety drugs.

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