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Why do I suddenly find myself having inappropriate or obtrusive thoughts?

inappropriate or obtrusive thoughts

Some thoughts seem to spring up all on their own at exactly the wrong time.

One example that many people experience is imagining jumping from a cliff or a ledge when standing somewhere at a high altitude.

Many people also suddenly imagine jumping in front of a train as it is about to pass the station, and some even imagine what it would be like to push another person in front of the moving train!

This doesn’t mean that the person is actually at all considering really murdering somebody, yet the thought of it tends to come to people nonetheless. Finally, many people have also reported having thoughts of suddenly veering their cars off the road into a ditch or even into an overpass while cruising along the highway.

If you have had these or other similar thoughts pop up into your head in the face of potentially dangerous situations, not to worry! You are not crazy, suicidal, or murderous in any way, and thoughts like this popping up is perfectly normal.

After all there is a big difference between idly imagining doing something and contemplating actually doing it.

What is happening when these kinds of thoughts suddenly crop up? Your mind is constantly imagining different possibilities as you wend your way through life. As you go through your day you are constantly making choices, and your brain is going to subconsciously imagine all of the different possible courses you have to choose from.

It just so happens that when a potentially dangerous situation suddenly begins to loom (say an oncoming train or the proximity of a long fall), the dangerous possibilities that could arise from that situation are also going to suddenly intrude into your imagination.

It may simply be that your mind forces these kinds of images or ideas into your mind as a way of reminding you what NOT to do in such a situation. This may be a better way to look at these sudden thoughts than as some kind of sick obsession you have with danger.

In many cases, it is simply not up to you what your mind is going to imagine.

You will find yourself idly wondering about things you would never really consider doing, for example you might begin to imagine if you would like to sleep with your best friend’s girlfriend, boyfriend, or even your best friend him or herself! It doesn’t mean that you would ever really do that, it is just your brain processing all of the available possibilities that you have to choose from so you can decide on the best path to take. It just so happens that your brain is sometimes even going to present possibilities that very obviously should not be chosen.

So if you do have any inappropriate or obtrusive thoughts popping up like this, just look at it as your brain’s way of telling you what kinds of things you should avoid. Don’t start to worry that there is something wrong with you and begin dwelling on these kinds of thoughts more and more (the more you try to not think of something, the more you are just going to keep thinking about it).

Relax, don’t worry about it, and remain focused on the choices that you actually do want to make and don’t take these thoughts too seriously when they do unavoidably pop up at some point.

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