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Recent scientific evidence is now supporting hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for many common everyday conditions.

Why should this matter to you?

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis have been around for a long some time.

Historians have shown that hypnosis originated around 980 AD in ancient India and Persia.

It has since been passed down throughout cultures worldwide and has been used more formally in together with modern medicine and science as early as the 15th Century.

Hypnotherapy is a process to access your subconscious mind. Is it dangerous? Is it mind control ? Absolutely not. It is a medical-scientific method of treatment.

Hypnotherapy treatments access the subconscious mind to make positive lasting changes in your daily life. A person experiences the hypnotic state at least two times a day, every day of their lives. You are in a hypnotic state when you first wake up and right before you fall asleep (and sometimes it happens more often during the day as you daydream).

Scientific research shows that hynosis is an effective treatment for a number of common issues people face in their daily lives.

How hypnotherapy can help deal 5 common issues most people experience in their lives:-

1. Stress & Anxiety

Hypnosis treatment can be an effective method for managing your daily anxieties and stresses.

Using techniques such as positive suggestion and progressive relaxation, and  can calm yourself and release the element which is causing your discomfort.

A local hypnotherapist will help you learn how to achieve a self-induced hypnotic state.

Hypnotherapists use positive suggestion to reinforce strong beliefs and ideas that help with negative self-talk.

Using self-hypnosis is an ideal way to maintain results achieved at a hypnotherapy clinic, especially during periods of stress.

Your Perth hypnotherapist will gladly give you more resources and information to safely practice self-hypnosis at home.

2. Fears & Phobias

Hypnotherapy can also effectively manage many common phobias and fears  to create lasting positive results.

Fear of spiders, fear of flying etc etc. and many other common fears that are holding you back personally can be actively managed with the help of a professional hypnotherapist.

A lot of the issues which are formed throughout everyday life are uncovered down to the root cause inside your subconscious mind. Visiting a hypnotherapy clinic enables a “reframe” of the problem and the ability to look at it in a more positive way.

This brings lasting changes for the majority of people that seek treatment.

3. Confidence

Have you ever wanted the ability to walk into a room and own the crowd? Have you ever been in a position whereby you had to give a presentation and felt very uncomfortable about it and wished you could do it naturally?

Most of a persons confidence comes from the subconscious belief system we develop and acquire throughout our daily lives. Most people don’t even know they have developed a subconscious belief that is holding them back from being confident.

A certified hypnotherapist will be able to effectively use therapy to help resolve the root cause of problem.

Increasing self-confidence improves aspects of your life whether it’s for career oriented or personal reasons.

4. Motivation

Motivation has its ebbs and flows throughout life. People have a tendency to get excited about the prospect of a new exercise, diet, routine, work project etc.

As the initial excitement wears down, many people have a hard time keeping the motivation consistent and long enough to see results. Something deep down is holding people back.

Hypnotherapy sessions is able to find the root causes that lie deep within your subconscious mind. Beliefs and memories that were created long ago potentially is holding you back.

People are surprised at what they consciously think is holding them back has absolutely nothing to do with the deep subconscious cause.

5. Exam Performance & Memory Recall

Students of all ages experience performance issues around exam time.

It’s copmletely normal to feel pressure to perform and keep huge amounts of information, and it can be overwhelming for a student.

A hypnotherapy session is an effective way of helping students cope with stresses more effectively.

The hypnotherapist can build self-confidence and help “re-frame” emotional triggers that make young students “blank-out” or not perform as well as they should on exam day.

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