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Hypnotherapy To Relieve Pain

Hypnotherapy To Relieve Pain

How you can relieve your pain naturally

Coping with pain can seriously mess with your life.

Chronic discomfort can get in the way of your everyday activities, negatively affect your work, family, and social lives, and even lead to more serious issues like anger or irritability, depression, poor concentration, obesity, and relationship problems.

People coping with chronic pain have even been shown to be more likely to inflict pain on themselves or commit suicide.

On the bright side, there exists a natural and safe method for treating many kinds of chronic pain: hypnotherapy has allowed thousands of us coping with pain to restore normalcy to their daily lives.

What Kinds of Pain Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

Pain relief hypnotherapy can be applied to just about any type of pain, including: labor pains; pain from irritable bowel syndrome; tooth pain; pain from injuries such as sprains, torn muscles, or broken bones; pain from surgery or medical procedures; migraine or tension headaches; pain from multiple sclerosis; fibromyalgia pain; arthritis pain; back pain.

Who Can Benefit from Pain Relief Hypnotherapy?

Just about anybody can be hypnotized as long as they are willingly receiving the hypnotherapy for pain relief.

Anyone who has difficulty concentrating – young children or people with brain impairments, Alzheimer’s, or dementia, for instance – may not be able to enter the hypnotic state and accordingly may not be the best candidates for hypnotherapy for pain relief.

Being on medication for pain relief, however, is no reason to stay away from hypnotherapy for pain relief, as the latter can be used in conjunction with any other type of pain relief without causing any negative interactions.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to let your doctor know if you intend to use hypnotherapy as a secondary means of pain relief.

How Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief Works

Using hypnotherapy to relieve pain involves entering a deeply relaxed state in which your subconscious mind becomes more active and more accessible.

A trained hypnotherapist knows how to send powerful messages to your subconscious that can relieve pain in a variety of ways.

This technique can even alter the way the body interprets the nerve signals behind your feelings of pain, so that you will experience the symptoms of your problem less intensely even though the problem itself has not improved.

Moreover, hypnotherapy is also able to help you cope with stress and relax more easily, and studies have shown that those suffering from chronic pain who successfully apply techniques for stress relief are consequently better able to deal with their pain symptoms than those who are in a highly stressed state in addition to their pain.

Some studies have also shown that the most successful hypnosis sessions are the ones which are regularly repeated for a long period of time.

This repetition can be better emphasized by recording your hypnotherapy sessions and trying to repeat the session at home in between meetings with your hypnotherapist.

The Advantages of Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief

Hypnosis for pain relief has a quit a few advantages: it can also help other problems related to your pain, such as mood swings and anger, insomnia, or depression; it can be performed in the comfort of your own home; it is fully compatible with medications or other kinds of pain therapies; unlike pain medication hypnotherapy is not habit forming; hypnotherapy comes without side effects.

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