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Using Hypnotherapy To Heal Shadow Defences

Hypnotherapy heals shadow defences and this is considered as one of the best and perfect solution to this problem.

Research reveals that our shadow parts have the tendency of living in the recesses of our subconscious mind. These shadow parts can be described as blind spots that we can easily have a glimpse of while at the same time disappear in an instant.

When they return, they typically create a vengeance that embarrasses us. They can also put us in a conflicting situation with others or at the same time prevent us from making tremendous steps in life.

As a result, we end up making a wrong choice which has negative impact in our lives. When it comes to our children, shadow parts may cause PTSD a similar scenario that is experienced by other family members.

Common And Hidden Defences

Staying safe is something that is considered to be a hidden agenda especially when dealing with infantile parts of our lives. In most cases you can find that our child shadow will do nothing when we are either physically or emotionally abandoned.

Eventually, the child will have no option but rather sell her soul for love, acceptance as well as recognition. What are the examples of the common defences that our shadow-child may decide to use?


Shadow-child typically needs to avoid some things to escape abandonment. It is common for adults to avoid intimate relationships regardless of whether their souls long for intimacy or not.

But this is the difficult things for little children to do. This is because the pain of abandonment is typically worse than the pain of loneliness.


You cannot feel the pain of disapproval if you have never completed anything. It might be that you are being kept away from completing your thesis by the shadow-child. There is also a possibility that you are being prevented by the painting sitting in the basement.

Sometimes, it might happen that there is a given part that prevents you from applying for a new position. In this case, if you do not apply you will not be rejected.


This normally arises due to the work of a crafty shadow part. We might appear to be irresponsible if we cannot remember our goals, our desires as well as our intentions.

The main reason the job of repression is granted to our shadow child is to be in charge of illness or preventing her from becoming disabled. A good example is the appearance of physical disability when we have just been given a new position that we really wanted.

As a result, this disability will typically prevent us from taking this new position. This is because we cannot be able to perform our mandate as required by the authority.


In most cases, the shadow child might end up pretending on what is happening while in the real sense that thing is not meant to happen. A good example is the increased desire by this child to join university or being accepted in a certain organization.

But, when the opportunity this child is consumed with fear and ends up not being accepted by any to these institutions. In response, she might defend herself by trying to reveal the negative side of these institutions. She normally comes up with false allegations to justify her recent behaviour.


This typically happens when she comes up with several reasons that did not work. The main aim of this child is to try and convince us why she did not actually take the position she had been offered.

When this scenario is related to our lives we discover that the hidden shadow of the fearful child tends to undermine us every day. Since they are so adept sometimes we do not even realize them.

For an elongated period of time, this procrastination has been part of our daily lives. As a result, it has now been deeply ingrained in our habit patterns as well as our subconscious minds.

Overcome All These Challenges

Hypnotherapy tends to undermine us since it determines what we say and want in our lives. Sometimes, we end up making wrong a decision with an aim of trying to protect our lives from certain believes that are deeply stored in our subconscious mind.

Using hypnotherapy we can actually be able to change this situation and then be able to declare what we want. By so doing, we will overcome all the challenges that continue to undermine our success and happiness.

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