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What Are The Mental Health Issues Hypnotherapy Can Assist With?

Many professional hypnotherapists have found hypnotherapy to be most effective against issues arising from repressed trauma.

“Hypnotherapists aid people to remember back to a time when a traumatic moment has occurred, allowing them to express their feelings around those events and ultimately release their emotions associated with the event.

This allows the person to timestamp an event that might have been affecting them in a way that seemed as though they were constantly reliving that traumatising moment,” Linda Milburn says.

Hypnotherapy works exceptionally well when childhood trauma has occurred.

“With hypnotherapy, my clients have experienced a great deal of healing and have been able to make many connections to how their traumas in the past are affecting their current day functioning,” Linda says.

Many people fail to realise how deeply their existing anxieties are rooted in events from the past.

By probing buried emotions, and the false conclusions lodged in your clients’ subconscious minds, hypnotherapy can be used to deal with some of the most  persistent and debilitating mental health challenges.

Hypnotherapy is able to assist with:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Performance anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Weight problems
  • Anxiety and stress
  • OCD
  • Grief
  • Cancer
  • Childbirth
  • Sleep
  • Dementia

How Does Hypnotherapy Work With Other Modalities?

“Promoting hypnotherapy does not commit a therapist to drastically changing their therapy practice,” says hypnotherapist Linda Milburn.

Hypnotherapy allows the patient to quickly and effectively get to the cause of the unwanted behaviors and the feelings presented with it, but it also facilitates the use of trance in other formats.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), is an effective complement to hypnotherapy.

In a recent report (read the report here), it explored how the 2 modalities are often strongest when working in tandem.

The report in question discussed specific scientific studies that have demonstrated hypnotherapy as a beneficial adjunct to CBT for issues like bulimia nervosa, promoting weight loss as well as dissociative identity disorder.

Professional hypnotherapy has also proven to be a powerful complimentary tool to eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR).

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