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Hypnotherapy for Binge Eating and Food Addiction: How It Can Help

hypnosis for binge eating

 or cravingsHypnosis empowers us to be conscious of our food cravings and reteaches your mind how to think about eating and our relationship with food.

But how exactly does that work?

Here’s a look at some of the finer points of hypnosis for binge eating and food addiction, and some of the many ways it can empower us to lead healthier lives.

Mindful Eating:

Almost all food addictions share a similar symptom: We often overeat without thought. It’s become a compulsion, and something that we don’t think consciously about.

With hypnosis for mindful eating, we can teach the mind to be more aware of our cravings, of how full we feel, and of the actual act of eating. Hypnosis for mindful eating allows us to recognize cravings and physical feelings of hunger, and to be thoughtful of eating. We gain power over food and our cravings.

Breaking Habitual Thoughts:

All too often, habitual thinking becomes negative and reactionary. And often overeating or craving is triggered by these thoughts.

You might experience a stressful situation at work, and rather than taking a breath and saying everything will be OK, you start to think you’re underqualified, or the stress turns to anxiety.

Without eliminating spiraling thinking patterns, we can’t release our food addictions.

Hypnosis empowers you to regain control of our thoughts, and turn our subconscious into a powerful ally.

Repairing Underlying Conditions:

Binge eating can be perpetuated by any number of conditions: Depression, anxiety, a lack of self-love, to name a few. Hypnosis can empower us to manage and move past these conditions.

Restoring Confidence:

A lack of self-confidence or love can prevent us from taking action. If we don’t have confidence in ourselves, or we don’t love ourselves, we may allow our bad habits to continue.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for gaining confidence and learning to love ourselves more. This is important for food addictions. When we love and believe in ourselves, we’re much more likely to face cravings and work toward making healthier lifestyle choices.

Does Hypnosis for Binge Eating & Food Addictions Work? What the Research Says

Most of the research into hypnosis for binge eating and food addiction or hypnosis for quitting sugar has been conducted around generic weight loss. And the research demonstrates hypnosis has been shown to be a powerful tool for helping people lose weight.

One recent study found that, on average, people who used hypnosis lost 20% more than those who did not. Additional studies have found hypnosis for healthy eating contributes to longer-term results, as well.

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