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Hypnotherapy & Beating the Fear of the Future

If we all had a crystal ball that allowed us to look into the future, we’d probably be able to live a stress-free life without worrying about the road that lies before us. But one of the things that makes life so exciting is not knowing what the future holds, and this – unfortunately – can lead to high amounts of stress and anxiety, as we worry about what tomorrow might bring.

The good news is that this fear of the future can be addressed and overcome through accepting that we can never know what to expect in our lives and working to change our fear into a sense of positive optimism. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods known to work in helping people to challenge their fear of the future.

Human beings like to be in control of their lives. We spend vast amounts of effort trying to dictate our futures, from choosing a profession that will allow us to earn a decent living to selecting a partner who we hope will make us happy for the rest of our lives.

However, in reality, there is only so much that we can do to dictate our life paths, with the rest up to our social connections, external environment and, well, pure chance. This fact can cause unease within our minds in the knowledge that some things are out of our control, often leading to stressful thoughts and concern.

Live in the Now

Having a fear of the future is called “Chronophobia”. In a nutshell, this specific fear can be described as an irrational yet often unrelenting fear of time and of the passage of time. This fear can often penetrate into other aspects of our lives, influencing and sometimes inflaming other fears around our health, finances, and general happiness.

Various therapies subscribe to a core principle of encouraging people to live in the present moment, or “The Now”. This healthy belief guides us to let go of the past and redirect our attention away from the future, focussing our minds on the immediate moment. Living in the now allows us to enjoy what we have in the present instead of worrying about the past or future things that we cannot change.

Try to Look on the Bright Side

While this is easier said than done, a positive attitude and outlook on life can greatly benefit our mental health. When we are faced with a distressing situation, we are told to focus on the positive outcomes of the problem. However, in reality, this can be almost impossible.

Hypnotherapy allows us to slowly train our subconscious to see the bigger picture in things – both the good and the bad. While some philosophies tell us to ignore the bad, hypnotherapists are very much aware that dealing with both the ups and downs in life is crucial to wellness.

When we look to the future during a particularly tough time, the road ahead can look very bleak and challenging. It is in these moments that our mental health can take a turn for the worse. It is only when we find ways to consider both the bright and dark sides of our future that we can choose the path we want to take. Hypnotherapy works to show you that you have a choice when facing the future.

No Matter What, It Always Gets Better

Imagine you’ve just lost your job or have recently been dumped after a long relationship. In the hours and days following these difficult events, looking to the future can feel like staring into a pitch-black abyss. However, after a couple of days or weeks, the transformation is amazing! You will no doubt be back to looking for a new job (one that you might actually enjoy), and you’re much more likely to be back on the dating scene.

The same is true of almost everything in life. Time heals most things, but we need to be patient while waiting for the pain to subside. It is during those dark early days that our fear of a future we didn’t plan for can seem overwhelming and even suffocating. But, remember – no matter what, things will ALWAYS get better.

Defeating Your Fear

We all plan for the future we dream of but seldom see the outcome we wanted. This is a part of life and allows us to face difficult challenges that can often lead to new, better opportunities. It is how we manage our fears and outlook on the future that defines how well we deal with this phobia.

At Hypnocare, we are acutely aware that the future is not set in stone and the stressful feelings this can cause. Our therapists are people, too, many of whom share these fears and draw from their own experiences to help patients overcome their challenges. So, if you’re staring into a future that frightens you, remember you’re not alone. Pay us a visit, and we’ll gladly work with you to see a brighter, better future.




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Have been seeing linda for a few months now and has changed my life for the better greatly! I was sceptical at first but Linda made me feel so comfortable and she really is great at what she does My issue was with alcohol and no longer is an issue for me. Thanks again Linda

I was a habitual worrier. If all was ok my mind would search for the next problem. I came out of my second session with Linda and this had disappeared. I felt light. I had a realisation that whatever my situation, I had a choice. It was highly liberating and has persevered. I ended up studying hypnosis and have a new respect for what Linda helped me achieve. She's genuine and down to earth. Thanks Linda

Linda is a very experienced practitioner in the field. I feel very lucky to have had support from such a seasoned professional. Thank you for all you have done to help me progress Linda. It is much appreciated.

It’s been 8 weeks smoke free and the idea of picking up a cigarette is so unappealing I now sometimes wonder how I was ever a smoker. My skin is better, I'm not carrying around guilt every day, I don't stink, I'm not as anxious, basically I'm so happy it's all behind me and count my lucky stars I don't have to live that smoker life anymore. I think I was really ready to quit this time, and can't thank Linda enough for helping me make that happen. I didn't know if I had the strength to quit for good, but the session we did reminded me just how strong I am. Thank you millions and millions Linda, that one afternoon in your chair has changed my life and helped me kick a habit I've struggled with for over 10 years. Thank you so very much 🙏🙏

In 2008 I visited Linda in her Subiaco clinic to treat a psychological tick involving constant jaw clenching/clicking (probably around 200 times per day - for years). After just 1 session it stopped dead immediately - 100%. It has now remained a forgotten habit for 9 years... had I not gone to her, I would have probably developed an arthritic jaw by now!

Wow! There are no words that can really express my transformation after a few sessions with Linda. When I initially came to see Linda, I was suffering from anxiety and depression from a number of traumatic experiences I had been through in recent years. My anxiety and depression had started impacting my work, relationships and health. I averaged 2 HRS of sleep a night and sat on my couch every painfully stricken day, debilitated by everything that was going on. After my first session, I drove out of Linda’s office feeling light as a feather; I slept like a baby that night and signed up to a gym. By my 3rd session, I was comfortable with speaking to a group of people, I was sleeping regularly and had a huge motivation to go to the gym six days a week. Not only is my life on track, I am following my dreams. Things that I promised myself I would do one day, I am already doing. What stood out for me, was that Linda’s work taught my inner being to help myself, rather than rely on other people to help me find my way. Linda’s work not only instantaneously helped me, the effects of Linda’s work has unfolded over the last 3 months. Thank you Linda. You are truly a blessing.

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