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Hypnosis Treatment PTSD

Hypnosis Treatment PTSD – Reliable It Can Help People Suffering From This Disorder

The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a type of disorder that emanate from anxiety and develop when an individual has traumatic experience. Initially, the disorder was believed to be prevalent among the people involved in the war, but it has been found that it can affect anyone. Hence, hypnosis treatment PTSD can help people suffering from this disorder.

It is but natural for an individual to be scared especially in time of danger that could help any person survive in a possible threatening circumstances. It involuntarily starts reactions in the body that direct the actions of an individual to save themselves when life is threatened. The sole purpose of the fight or flight reaction is naturally designed to save and protect our lives.

When faced with a traumatic encounter, different people exhibit different forms of reactions that eventually recover from a short while after the event has taken place. However, some individuals exhibit the symptoms of trauma longer than normal.

During a regular situation, these people tend to feel stressed or frightened, and they do remember the ordeal long after the event took place. The patient is diagnosed with PTSD when these symptoms become prevalent and interfere with normal life.

Role of Therapeutic Intervention

Therapy has been found by some individual, with the symptoms of PTSD, being helpful to cope up better. Hypnotherapy in conjunction particularly with EMDR is believed to be reliable when it comes to processing memories emanating from a trauma.

Having gone through a traumatic experience can result in individuals getting disconnected from the safety that comes from them internally. The earlier the intervention starts to manage the emotion, the earlier the recovery of the person. Hypnotherapy becomes instrumental in helping an individual get over the trauma and regain control and resume leading a normal life.

The argument behind the application of hypnotherapy is that it geared toward accessing the unconsciousness of the patient and reverse the negative thoughts attributed to holding the person back. Utilising the ability of recommendations, hypnotherapy may help promote positive change.

The symptoms exhibited and what an individual is interested in from the sessions is what determines the type of suggestion to be given. The hypnotherapist takes the responsibility of giving you the techniques, guide you in symptoms management and identify the potential triggers while guiding you on how to change your reaction towards them.

The use of hypnosis has been supported by a large number of mental health professionals. According to them, the method is reliable in dealing with the result from being subjected to trauma and managing the post-traumatic disorder. It is advisable to seek effective treatment in order to reduce the symptoms of PTSD.

Hypnosis and PTSD

Hypnosis has been recommended to be very helpful when it comes to the reduction and prevention dissociation from being subjected to a traumatic experience. Hypnosis also decrease anxiety symptoms while at the same time help individuals in getting in touch with the feelings and memories that are attributed to the traumatic event.

Hypnosis works like a trance where you have a specific focus and concentration. However, in treating PTSD, there were few studies available towards establishing that hypnosis might be reliable as compared to psychodynamic therapy or behaviour therapy.

Yet according to one study, the success of hypnotherapy on its own was similar to that of other PTSD treatments like the psychodynamic psychotherapy. Additionally, another study stipulated that standard cognitive behavioural therapy in dealing with the disorder might be equally efficient in improving PTSD symptoms after two years of treatment. Evidently, it can be concluded that hypnotherapy is reliable in dealing with symptoms that are attributed to a traumatic event including PTSD.

It is critical to note that hypnotherapy may not be effective for every person. Moreover, as it is with any PTSD treatment, having the vital information is pertinent to ensure the reliability of treatment. A number of treatments for somebody who has PTSD is possible.

Where to Find a Hypnotherapist

The very first step in the endeavour is to look for a professional hypnotherapist that you resonated with when you are ready. Those that are good at it will go a long way to help you get over your disorders or your overwhelming issues.

A Professional Perth Hypnotherapist

Choose The Path Of Your Own Destiny – Change Your Mind, Change Your Life. Let Linda Milburn personally help you overcome your bad habits, disorders or overwhelming problems.

Here are 7 Reasons To Choose Hypnocare For Your Hypnotherapy

1. Personal Communication

Linda cares, therefore she answers all phone calls, messages and emails personally. You deal with her and her alone. This means you can be assured of complete confidentiality for any issue you wish to discuss.

2. You are the important one

She will help you make the changes you want for yourself. Not the changes Society or anyone else think you should make. This is your life not theirs.

3. Lifetime of Experience

Linda Milburn has 50 years of life experience and have 30 years of experience in alternative therapies and clinical hypnotherapy. She continues to source and study the world’s most effective techniques to provide you with fast and successful treatment.

4. Client Success

Many satisfied clients have referred Linda to their family, friends and work mates. In fact, this is her main source of clients these days. Just simply click on the “Clients” tab to read their stories in their words for your reference.

5. You Are Unique

Everyone has a unique set of experiences, beliefs and perceptions. We all think and act in different ways. With brief consultation, she can use your unique views and characteristics to tailor a program specifically for you.

6. Health Fund Qualified

As a Clinical Member and follower of the Australian Hypnosis Association, major health funds recognise Linda’s expertise and will provide you with refunds for hypnosis services. Consult your private health fund to find out if you qualify.

7. Central Location

Linda Milburn, at Hypnocare, central consulting room is located in Hilton, 3 minutes from Fremantle, serviced by all public transport and, if you wish to drive, there is free parking on the door step.

Call Linda today on 0409 079 435 or 08 9388 6322!

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