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Hypnosis Treatment Memory

Hypnosis Treatment Memory

Vital Technique To Recall Important Memories

Every experience we go through makes some impact on our lives. We subsequently store them appropriately in our memory bank. Even when we claim we cannot remember something, it is only that we could not gain access to the specific portion of the memory bank at the required time. This is why hypnosis treatment memory is by all means vital.

In the succeeding paragraphs, hypnosis will be discussed in greater details. We are going to find out whether if hypnosis can help in recalling memories. Also examine how hypnosis actually aids you in remembering lost memories.

How Memory Works

The ability or not of hypnosis solving the issues above is determined by three main factors. These are the mechanisms of the memory itself, the skill of the affected person, and hypnosis as a whole. Let us, first of all, examine how the human memory functions.

Memory is a very intricate phenomenon. To date, it has not yet been fully comprehended. There are two main kinds of memories i.e. the short-term memory and the long-term memory. The former lasts a few seconds whereas the latter straddles a prolonged duration of time.

The long-term memory operates in two main steps. First and foremost, you will have to store up that particular experience in a particular portion of your mind. Thereafter, you will have to regurgitate the stored memory later.

Issues may arise at any of the two steps outlined and explained. If and when such issues arise, it may lead to a partial or permanent loss of consciousness and memory. It also interferes with your memory, makes you over-imaginative, and forestalls distractions.

Hypnosis is one of the possible ways and means through which these issues may be reversed. It basically entails the restoration of the lost state of consciousness. It affects only a limited portion of the brain at a time and it can aid in focusing the attention of the selected part of the memory system. How information is stored in that part of the memory, and the various ways and means to recall it.

It is by compelling the person under treatment to pay attention to the occurrence and chronology of the finer details. This improves the clarity of the memory retrieved until such a time that all the required pieces of information are recovered.

Police have utilised this concept of hypnosis to aid witnesses in recounting their crime scene experiences. Many people have been wary of this method as they feel there could be some false memories. In light of this, several states have passed pieces of legislation to govern the admissibility of the concepts and accrued evidence in legal issues.

This stems also from the realisation that unethical hypnotists may insert fabricated memories into unsuspecting persons. To counter this, therapists use regression for which returning the subjects to prior memories from time to time and spontaneously. This way, any conflicts or traumatic memories are identified and resolved appropriately.

Significance Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis indeed has the ability to improve the memories. It does so chiefly by enhancing the mechanisms by which we generate and regurgitate the said memories. This again depends largely on your suggestiveness and persuasiveness. These two may be used to promote deepened investigation until the desired piece of information is generated.

You are advised to try as much as possible to reconstruct your memory in case you forgot something. It is only after failing to reconstruct the memory that you may now proceed to call in a hypnotherapist.

Lastly, the power of hypnosis is felt mainly in the operations of the human mind. By getting into a trance, you make it possible for the hypnotist to guide you deeper into the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind.

These parts are under normal circumstances outside the purview of the wakefulness state. It, therefore, grants unhindered access to the inner portions of the network of the human mind.


Generally speaking, we never actually have hidden or completely forgotten memories. This notwithstanding, we still cannot remember a substantial chunk of those stored information without making extra effort to retrieve them. For this reason, we just cannot underestimate the power and significance of hypnosis.

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