In the last few years, stress has become a buzzword to describe the often overwhelming response we have to all of the demands on our time and resources. There are many kinds of stress, from harassed mums juggling work and family commitments, to kids coping with school, sporting activities and the need to excel.

Dads are working long hours yet trying to fit in parenting time. On top of this, they are trying to keep up healthy relationships with their spouses. It’s no wonder we use the “stress” word so liberally.

Then there are “on the job” stresses, for example deadlines and keeping the boss and co-workers happy, environmental stresses such as noise and smells, or sitting and standing in uncomfortable positions for too long.

There are the everyday stresses of relationships of every kind, from trying to second guess your teenager, to maintaining equilibrium and happiness with your partner.

How we cope with stress

We all deal with stress in different ways. Some people eat: some have a beer or wine at the end of the day. Some prefer to read a good book or go to see a movie.

Despite all the bad press, it has been proven that some stress is actually good for us. It is when we stop being able to respond constructively to stress that it becomes a problem.

When the odd wine or beer becomes a nightly several, or we start to binge on food or lash out at our nearest or dearest, these are signals that we need some sort of help.

This is where hypnosis can really make a difference. Hypnosis can be employed to change your perception of your problems and the way you react to them. Your stress is therefore reduced.

This is especially useful when you can’t change anything about the source of your woes, but need to find a way to deal with it that is not destructive to you or anyone else.

Tackle your stress with hypnosis

Stress needs to be dealt with before it becomes depression or escalates into panic attacks, either of which can be very debilitating. Most people only need two or three sessions to restore their good spirits and maintain their equilibrium.

That‘s not much when you consider the alternatives – either squashing down the anger and frustration by self-medicating with food or alcohol, or venting your feelings on undeserving loved ones. Another advantage of hypnosis is that the therapist doesn‘t need to know all the details of your problems, but only what goal you wish to accomplish.

So, if the stress in your life is driving you barmy, call us to see how we can change your life through hypnotherapy.


By Jan Duncan

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