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Hypnosis Treatment For Over Eating

Food addiction can be caused by a psychological and/or emotional reason.

Whilst food is necessary for our health and well being, some people’s eating can be primarily driven by emotional dependence.

This dependence sets a very thin line between addictions and healthy sustenance.

Overcoming the addiction to food

To overcome the addictions to food, we need to change the way we think as well as our attitudes towards food.

Hypnotherapy treatment for overeating is an approach to consider.

Undertaking professional hypnosis treatment sessions will help you to cope effectively during stressful times and looks to assist you in managing your emotions rather than resorting to eating.

The most important aspect of food addiction is control.

Hypnosis for Food Addiction

Living with and an eating disorder may be a lonely and difficult experience, but take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, as this condition affects many people in Australia.

Moreover, such problems are not just about food alone. They are often a result of difficult situations or feelings which are beyond your everyday control.

Thus people suffering with an eating disorder tend to resort to overeating to cope with these problems.

Food addiction is a compulsive disorder which leads to overeating, eating disorders, and low self-esteem.

Undertaking hypnotherapy treatment has the ability to restore a person’s compromised relationship with food. It does so by altering the associated behaviors as well as the negative thought patterns and aids the affected person to recognise the problem at a deeper level.

Note: For hypnotherapy to reach the required outcome, the affected person has to be willing to change.

What to anticipate from a professional hypnotherapy session

At the onset of the session, the hypnotherapist will often ask you questions about your life, eating habits, and feelings.

This is to determine the root cause of your specific eating disorder.

The professional hypnotherapist will go a step further to explain to you how the process of hypnosis for food addiction works. Lastly, they will walk you throughout the entire process to let you know exactly what to anticipate during the session.

The session starts by the hypnotherapist guiding you into a trance-like, highly-relaxed state of being.

(Many people mistakenly think that hypnotherapy puts you in a state where you are out of control of your bodily faculties. Nothing could be further from the truth.)

On the contrary, during the hypnosis session you will be alert and fully aware of what is happening around you.

Whilst you are in the relaxed state, the hypnotherapist will communicate with your unconscious mind.

They will mostly employ suggestive statements, ideas, and questions to try and challenge your thought patterns as well as your relationship with food.

By paying specific attention to your negative behaviors, habits, and thought patterns that you associate with food, you will be able to experience a positive change.

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