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Understanding How Hypnotherapy Can Be Used for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss in perth

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Obesity has now become a crisis in the world of public health. In the UK alone over 60% of all adults are considered to be either obese or overweight with respect to their Body Mass Index. 1.9 billion adults are classified as overweight worldwide, and 600 million are classified as obese.

Most overweight people are aware that they should shed some pounds for the sake of their health.

It is not due to their ignorance of the problem that keeps extra pounds on people; the problem rather is that the changes in habit that people need to make to lose weight tend prove more difficult than imagined, and people become easily discouraged believing real weight loss to be impossible.

More and more, however, people are turning to hypnotherapy to help them kick their old habits and find the weight loss success of their dreams.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnosis is about placing a patient into what’s called a trance state or trance-like state.

In a typical session you will find yourself simply relaxing as you listen to the voice of the hypnotherapist, who makes use of verbal cues and mental imagery in order to lead you into this hypnotic, trance-like state.

Once in this state, the hypnotherapist is able to communicate things to your subconscious mind that can have a much more powerful impact than anything communicated to you in a waking state.

Most likely at the end of a typical hypnotherapy session you will not be able to remember everything that went on during the session, but rest assured that your subconscious mind will nevertheless hang on to the messages imparted to it while in the trance state.

How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Actually Works

A lot of people are under the mistake impression that hypnotherapy for weight loss can somehow cause your metabolism to speed up so you can burn fat more quickly in order to take your pounds off.

On the contrary, hypnotherapy simply helps you to change your habits or modify your lifestyle in order for your to raise the speed of your metabolism by non-magical means such as weight training.

A hypnotherapist can communicate positive messages about healthy eating and regular exercise to your subconscious in a way that will have a much greater impact than being told these things while in a conscious state.

Successful hypnotherapy for weight loss can give you the positive energy and motivation to help you limit what and when you eat, hit the gym after work instead of the bar, and leave you feeling inspired and satisfied by your own healthy choices about your diet and exercise.

Nevertheless, this does not imply that weight loss hypnosis is some kind of magical cure all.

Your hypnotherapist will not clap or ring you awake to reveal to you your surprise beach body. Accordingly please keep in mind that any success you have in your weight loss battle will be due to real work and effort on your part.

The real virtue of hypnotherapy is to help keep you motivated to stick to your exercise and diet regime, but ultimately the gains still have to be won the hard way: but this only makes the eventual victory that much more satisfying.

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