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Overcome Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety can take many forms and be caused by different things. Despite the feelings of isolation and Self Doubt this causes it is one of the most common complaints of society today.

Now I am sure you are as aware as I am that the feelings that you may experience with Social Anxiety are irrational.Whatever fear is fueling our social anxiety symptom, or that creeping negative Self Doubt when we are in a social situation. It can be incredibly difficult to talk ourselves into a calm disposition. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help you take back control of the way you think, feel, and behave.

Very often our fear may be a remnant of an unpleasant experience. It might be something recent, like overhearing a comment about our appearance,  or from an event way back  in the distant past. There is no need to relive that event over and over, as a Qualified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy I can isolate that instance and separate the emotion from the memory of that event. You will still know it happened but the negativity will no longer be attached to it.

Social Anxiety might simply be a result of your personalty. You might be shy, just unsure of what to say in a conversation within a group of people. There is nothing wrong with being introverted, after all everyone is different. With Hypnosis we can learn to accept that this is the way you are. In a crowd you can just be the quiet one and know that is normal for the person you may be. It is amazing how easily you may find your space when you don’t have that fear in the pit of your stomach, or the back of your mind.

Social Anxiety is more common than most of us realize. Whether it is a vague uneasiness or a full blown panic attack,

Linda and her team can help you. Not only is the process of Hypnosis incredibly relaxing it is STRESS  relieving. We can teach you Self Hypnosis and other techniques to reduce your own uneasiness when you feel that Anxiety looming.

Acceptance of yourself in a social situation can be yours. If you want to take control of the way you think, feel, act and react in any situation, call us  and help us find the right approach for you.

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