Depression and its symptoms can be alleviated with Hypnotherapy.   

It  does  not  matter  whether  depression  is  environmental , that  is , caused  by  factors  outside  of  yourself , for  example  living  in or  working  in  a  difficult  environment , or  if  it’s  caused  by  your  thoughts  and  reactions  to  something  such  as  bereavement  or  regret.  Hypnosis  can  help  you  deal  with  your  depression.

Hypnotherapy  can  also help  stop  those  repetitive  thoughts  that  go  round  and  round  inside  your  head , making  you  live  through  endless  repetitions  of  an  event  that  always  ends  the  same  no  matter  how  much  you  think  about  what  could  have  been  different .

Situations  that  cannot  be  changed  can  also  be  helped  with  hypnosis  by  helping  you  to  achieve  a  better  perspective  that  is  less  stressed  and  more  positive .

A young  father  came  to  see  me  about  his  difficulty  dealing  with  his  children , both  of  whom  are autistic. He was  finding  it  hard  to  manage,  what  with  working  so  much  to  get  the  money  for  all  the  therapy  the  boys  needed  and  at  the  same  time  still  trying  to  be  there  for  them  and  his  wife .

After  four  sessions  he  felt  able  to  release  the  resentment  he  felt  at  working  so  much  and  find  pleasure  in  their  achievements  and  joy  in  their  company , as  well  as  being  more  supportive  of  his  wife  who  was  bearing  the  brunt  of  the  boys  behavior  being alone  at  home  with  them during the day .

Depression  can  make  a  person  feel  as  if  life  is  pointless , as  if  nothing  will  ever  be  good  or  happy , as  if  you  are  just  existing , getting  through  each  day  rather  than  living . Hypnotherapy  really  can  help  to  find  a  better  way  to  look  at  life , to  find  the  good , the  happy  and  the  joyful , a  new  perspective  that  gives  meaning  to  every  day .

                                    If  you  change  your  mind , you  can  change  your  life .

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