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Hypnosis for Balance in Your Life


Hypnosis for Balance in Your Life

Welcome to Hypnosis Today. The nation’s first hypnosis TV talk show that explores the fascinating world of hypnotherapy. My name is Lisa Machenberg and I will be your host, covering a wide variety of topics to help you understand the power of the subconscious mind and how people are using hypnosis to achieve happiness, success and prosperity. It is my pleasure to introduce my first two guests. Well, my first guest is Cyn Severson, she is an honors grad of HMI College of Hypnotherapy. She is a recipient of the prestigious director’s award and she has with her a very special guest, April. Now, April came in to see Cyn to just achieve a little more balance in her life. Please, help me welcome my guests. April, I am going to start with you. What was going on? I was having issues with life/work balance. The career that I am in sometimes necessitates a lot of hours, so I really wanted to find a better balance between my home life and my work. So how come you didn’t just grab a calendar and start writing things down? Why see a hypnotherapist? I am just a curious person, I saw the HMI website and it was intriguing to me and so I decided to try it out. So you just made a call up to the student center? Yes. And they needed volunteers for a class so I came in for a class and tried it ones and it was pretty much hooked right away.

Hypnotherapy for Balance in Your Life

How did you find Cyn? We were paired together as part of the program. Well, if we have any HMI students in the studio audience or watching at home, everybody sign up with a student center to make sure that you are available so when someone calls in off the website and we need volunteers, you too can get a wonderful client. Hypnosis for Balance in Your Life So, good for you. Excellent. So, what was hypnosis like for you? The first time I was hypnotized it reminded me of meditation. Are you a meditator? Yes, I used meditate a lot more. I found I don’t need to as much anymore because with meditation, it could take me a half an hour or forty-five minutes to just really get into that relaxed state, and with hypnosis, it was just a matter of seconds. Really? So, now, did you know what hypnosis was Hypnosis for Balance in Your Life? You saw the site, did you think it was anything else before you actually read the HMI website? All I knew was about hypnosis through magic and I had read some studies about smoking or weight loss and how hypnosis could help. And I also saw an ad for a hypnotherapist that said it could help with creativity and working in the arts I thought that was really fascinating. Can I ask you what you do? I am an audio engineer for television.

Balance in Your Life Hypnosis Treatments

Excellent. So, now that you have come in and you said something very interesting: to get into a very relaxed, clear state or we call it the alpha-theta state, it could up to a half an hour but with hypnosis it took thirty seconds. Cyn, that’s pretty impressive. Can you tell us what kind of an induction you would use for someone who knows how to meditate? Well, I think that meditation is a form of self-hypnosis. So what I did was, I taught April how to use self-hypnosis. Can you teach us? Sure can. Okay. First off, intention is very important. Intention comes in the form of suggestion and I call affirmation. And affirmations is something that you want to declare that you want- so she wanted more creativity. So I taught her to really focus in on intention, learn to relax the body through first, breathing, which became a condition. So every time she took three deep breaths, the body would know it was time to go within and then release the tension through progressive relaxation on her own from her toes to her head and then back and then put herself into hypnosis for Balance in Your Life. So when she taught you, first, you have to create an affirmation or an intention or what we call a hypnotherapy talk, a suggestion, what kind of affirmation, suggestions or intentions were you using? We talked a lot about the language to use because it seems like that’s a big part of suggestions. So for me I knew that I wanted to spend more time with family or I wanted to spend more time on vacation. So my intentions were, “I am going to go on a vacation this year” or “This week I am going to spend more time with family” and it just became internalized. Did you practice self-hypnosis? Yes. I mean, it changed from practicing meditation to more practicing hypnosis. Well, I need to pick up on something April said that language is important. What if I come to see you to learn self-hypnosis and my intention is to not be so frenetic and overwhelmed at work? Is that a good intention? I think that that’s a good intention but the reality is that the subconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestions. So what would you do with that, if a client came in and said, “I want to not be so hysterical with my children, those little monsters”? it is very important that the client declare and use their own words, so I would help the client form suggestions with that to be more calm and positive and receptive in that situation. Got it. So you have to learn actually how to frame it in the positive. Now that I have my affirmation and it is “I will be calm and present and listen and respond instead of react to my children,” what do I do next? Well, at that point you are able to then find yourself a place, not laying down because the goal is not to fall asleep, it’s to be awake in a fully awaken state, and you start to relax the body. I teach my clients if they are in a sitting position to start from the head and move down towards the feet – Hypnosis for Balance in Your Life. Now, when did you do your self-hypnosis and how did it really differ from your meditation? I often did it before bed. I found that at the end of the night when it was quiet was a good time to do it. I have a comfortable chair that I use, similar to what we have in the office. How did it feel different from meditation? Or what were the advantages? Why shouldn’t we all just meditate? I found it was a lot more focused. Meditation, you know, you kind of let your mind wander and you do have this awareness of your body but using Cyn’s system, it very much kept the focus on starting at the head and working down or vice versa and really concentrating on every part of the body and recognizing, do I have tension here or do I not? Why am I holding this tension? What is this tension? And that really helped me learn at times when I maybe was upset or stressed about something, maybe I didn’t realize it but I was just holding it in my body. Very interesting. So now, being a sound engineer, an artist for the entertainment industry, welcome to Hollywood, let’s do lunch; tell me, I want to hear the real results, you came in specifically for balance, have you been able to take it from a theoretical and into a practical? Absolutely. Tell me about it. I noticed changes not just in my life in terms of having better quality relationships with friends and with family, I also noticed it on the job; I was a lot less stressed, I could make decisions more clearly and I also felt more comfortable saying when something wasn’t working for me – Hypnosis for Balance in Your Life. Before if I had a client or a boss who said, “Can you work 20 hours this weekend?” I would just say yes without even thinking about it. I could learn to stop and pause and really ask myself “is this what is best for me? Is this what I really want?” and so that nightly reminder through self-hypnosis really allowed me to be centered every day. Well, that’s scary saying no your boss. So, tell me how you were actually able to make wise choices? Not wise for your boss necessarily (God bless her on her journey). How were you able to actually find your voice and make wise choices for yourself? Because I could remain calm a lot more throughout the day, I could center myself too during the day. I could use the techniques that Cyn taught me, not just to use them during self-hypnosis but if I just needed a few minutes to ground myself during a stressful day at work I just would do the same technique. Well, Cyn, how do you use these techniques not during meditation, not during self-hypnosis but in a full waking state? Can you teach us? Yeah. Anchors are really important. What is an anchor? I thought they just weigh you down. An anchor is something that we associate to that when it gets triggered, that feeling then comes out. Give us an example. If April was to get stressed, we did some breathing techniques like I said in the beginning with the three deep breaths. So that became an association with staying calm and positive. So all she would have to do is at any time is close her eyes, take in those deep breaths and right away the body will become more calm and comfortable. So you used your anchors during the day in a full waking state and you were able actually to say yes when it was correct and you were actually able to say no when it was correct? Yes. I have met some children never heard the word no, which is really, really interesting. And it’s very hard and I have met some moms and some parents who don’t know the word no when it comes to people asking them to do stuff. So I think that is very, very powerful. How did she help you find your voice? A lot of it was just learning to stay calm and to stay grounded and through that I could keep the focus on myself instead of thinking about, what’s the other person thinking – Hypnosis for Balance in Your Life? Or what do I need to in this situation? Or how are other people going to think about me? It really just kept the focus on me and it kept me… and even three years later, I mean, I am still just in a very relaxed state throughout the day, I feel like I am a lot happier overall and much better balance in my life. Beautiful. Cyn Severson, you know that this show is seen not only hear in the greater Los Angeles area but all over the world, do you also Skype and Facetime? Yes, I do. Now, you can reach Cyn Severson at I am going to let you have the last word. What would you say to someone who is curious about hypnotherapy about seeing a hypnotherapist, giving it a try? I would absolutely recommend trying it, I would absolutely recommend it. And what would you say about seeing Cyn? She is amazing and she is so intuitive and she very often will see things that are so obvious after she says it. You know, just picking up on a little word or phrase or something that I have said or done. And that helps me move forward to have someone like that in my life. Well, we call that attunement and I think it’s excellent. We need to take a short break but I want to thank Cyn Severson and I want to thank her very special guest, April and I would like to thank everybody in the studio audience and those of you watching at home. Please, stay tuned because when we return we are going to learn about how to use hypnosis to reignite motivation. Stay tuned, there is a lot more coming for you on Hypnosis Today – Hypnosis for Balance in Your Life.

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