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Hypnosis Actually Works

Scientifically Proven Hypnotism Has Genuine Effects

Finally, it is official! Hypnosis actually works and impacts on the brain, and this can be scientifically proven. In an experiment involving scanning of volunteers who had been meant to believe that their task involved finding coloured objects, when in fact the objects availed for the experiment were in black and white.

The results of the experiment showed increased blood flow on the areas in the brain responsible for registering colours, meaning that the volunteers genuinely saw colours even though all the objects that were used were either in black or white.

This is a scientific proof that things that do not ordinarily happen to people happen to them once they undergo hypnosis. The implications of this study are tremendous and can, therefore, help troubled people to manage their anxiety and pain.

This research, therefore, confirms the position that has been held by professional hypnotists for a long time that hypnotism has genuine effects on how the mind and body functions.


Here is a success story where hypnosis was successful in turning things around. The case involved one successful business executive who had chosen not to conceive so that she could concentrate on her career.

With the clicking of the biological clock, she was desperate to get a baby of her own, but she could not conceive. However, there was not a physical reason to justify her failure to get pregnant.

After a visit to a hypnotherapist, the therapist noted that she had properly self-hypnotised herself, teaching her body always to reject the pregnancy. Once the therapist learned this, he re-hypnotised her back. Thereby reactivating that part of the body that had been deactivated and allowing her to become pregnant a few months later and bear children.

Hypnosis also works in the control of pain. For example, you may accidentally cut your finger, but your mind fails to register it. You only realise that you have suffered cut after setting your eyes on it and seeing blood oozing out. This principle has been used in helping several women overcome childbirth pain by hypnotising them and making them concentrate on other things besides the forthcoming pain.

Changing the mindset especially among athletes can turn something previously thought to be impossible to become possible. It is a principle that has previously been used to hypnotise athletes into accepting that they have a potential to do better than they currently are. After undergoing the hypnosis, most of the athletes confirmed that they had improved their performance.

Hypnotism also helps in overcoming addiction such as overeating and smoking.

It also helps to overcome irrational fears and phobia. Getting a good hypnotist can help you get rid of your anxieties within 30 minutes or so.

Natural Healing Since 1984

Linda Milburn has been involved in Natural Healing for over 30 years. Her past studies and practices have included Aromatherapy, Chinese Massage and Reiki.

The path you choose determines your destiny. By changing your mind, you change your life. Allow Linda to help you kick out your bad habits, overwhelming problems or disorders.

A majority of her satisfied clients referred her to their friends, workmates, and family. In fact, these referrals are her main source of the clients she gets these days.

She personally reads and responds to all your messages and emails. She also answers all the phone calls you make because she cares and appreciates you as her client. With this, you are guaranteed complete confidentiality on matters you discuss with Linda.

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Linda Milburn

Involved in Natural Healing for over 30 years

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