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How to Deal With Work-Related Stress

dealing with work stress

If you are stressed out because of your job, you are in good company: 43% of people claim that their jobs have a negative impact on their level of stress.

If stress gets bad enough, it can have far-reaching consequences for both your mental and physical health, not to mention putting a strain on your relationships and slowing down your productivity. Enjoying a better quality of life demands that stress be cut down.

Guided Relaxation for Altering Your Body’s Response to Stress

Oftentimes it just isn’t possible to eliminate altogether the source of the stress if it’s coming from circumstances at work that are beyond your control, but it is still possible to train yourself to respond to stressors better and suffer reduced consequences from them.

Highly stressed people are in something like fight or flight mode where cortisol and adrenaline levels are high (not to mention increased heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension). This state is an evolutionary tool to help you survive in the face of danger, but in the face of daily stressors that pose no physical harm this fight or flight mode is misplaced and only does you harm.

Psychotherapy, meditation, and hypnotherapy all make use of guided relaxation that can retrain your mind to respond to stressors in a more appropriate way.

If your daily ride to work, for example, is one of your biggest daily stressors, get an audio recording of a guided meditation routine to listen to on the bus, train, or in your car.

Unwinding and relaxing during your commute rather than stressing out the whole time can set the pace for a much less stressful and relaxed day of work.

Slow Down, and Give Yourself a Break

If you have a heavy workload your initial instinct might be that you need to work non-stop in order to get everything done.

This attitude, however, more often that not actually leads people to burn out and be less productive in the long run.

Like many things in life, the best approach is counter-intuitive, and taking breaks throughout the day will keep you refreshed and actually allow you to get more work done in less time compared with pushing yourself non-stop.

Stop from time to time to have a healthy snack, get up and walk around or stretch, and take a moment to refocus your thoughts. Every hour you should take a few minutes to focus on your breathing while letting your awareness return to your body as you let your distracting thoughts go.

Stress, believe it or not, is not a given part of your professional life; it can be beaten if you know the right ways to focus and relax your mind.

These techniques are especially important to learn since stress, when left unmanaged, can have such serious and far-reaching impacts on your overall quality of life.

Professional guidance from a licensed hypnotherapist may be the way for you, or you may opt to try to manage your stress on your own. Either way, it is important to be proactive about your stress management before it gets out of control and wreaks havoc on your physical and mental quality of life.

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