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Hypnosis Therapy Perth

How Hypnosis Therapy Works

One session of hypnotherapy typically takes about an hour.

A trained hypnotherapist will use a variety of relaxing techniques that will guide the patient towards a hypnotic state.

Once this state has been reached, the patient is still conscious and aware of their surroundings; however their body will become more relaxed and their mind more receptive to suggestions made by the therapist.

The specific suggestions which the therapist makes use of will depend on the patient’s specific problem or condition.

For instance, hypnotherapy can be used to help eradicate unhealthy or unpleasant habits, or even replace these with healthier or more beneficial ones.

Other examples of hypnotherapy’s uses include gaining the ability to better control one’s emotional pain or anxiety, as well as the ability to adjust patterns of negative thought that foster symptoms of depression.

The Pros of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy holds the potential to treat various medical conditions without having to resort to more invasive treatments or medications laden with additional side effects.

Many therapists consider hypnotherapy to be a safe option for treatment which also carries minimal side effects.

Although hypnotherapy may not be successful for every patient, it can nevertheless be used as a complementary therapy, meaning that patients can use hypnotherapy alongside of other forms of therapy as a complimentary treatment which enhances one’s general sense of well-being, lifts one’s mood, and fosters a feeling of hope.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions, such as:

  1. anxiety
  2. lack of focus or concentration
  3. chronic pain
  4. irritable bowel syndrome
  5. addiction to smoking
  6. night-time teeth grinding

People suffering from depression experience a broad range of emotions.

Hypnotherapy can be used to teach these people to reduce and control their own feelings of sadness, stress, and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to treat bad habits such as alcohol use, poor diet, or lack of sleep which tend tend to worsen one’s depression.


If you are experiencing high levels of stress seek the expertise of a professional hypnotherapist for expert advice and treatment.

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Linda Millburn

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Hypnocare Hypnosis Clinic Fremantle

Linda Milburn

Located in Hilton, 3 min from Fremantle, WA.

0409 079 435
08 9388 6322

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Linda Milburn

Involved in Natural Healing for over 30 years

Fellow Member of the (AHA) Australian Hypnotherapist Association

Past State Executive Officer and Board Member of the AHA for 8 years


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