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How Does It Feel To Be Put Under Hypnosis?

Put Under Hypnosis

Many clients are curious to find out what the experience of hypnotherapy is like before taking the plunge and signing up for sessions.

Unfortunately it is difficult to give a universal answer because different people experience hypnosis in different ways.

There is no way to know, then, exactly how you are going to experience it before the fact, however we can still paint a picture so you can have a more general idea of what you might experience.

Speaking generally, hypnosis is a pleasant and relaxed state of mind which renders you more highly aware of the world around you as well as of your own internal experience.

There are some variations which occur on top of this basic theme, however.

Some people report it to be a “day-dreamy” kind of feeling, like when you are highly absorbed in a book or other pastime. Others say that they feel extremely relaxed or even sleepy (although they maintain control over themselves at all times).

Variations like these on the basic theme of relaxed and extra aware are not at all an indicator of how successful your hypnotherapy session is, but depends more on the type of individual who is receiving the treatment.

Regardless of how it feels for you to be hypnotised, if it feels like anything at all it already means that it is working.

The success of hypnotherapy also does not depend on how deeply a person is able to be hypnotized. For clinical work, phenomenal results can come out of only a very light or shallow level of hypnosis or trance, so the idea that one needs to be put “deeply” under in order for hypnotherapy to work is simply a popular misconception.

They way one experiences hypnosis can also develop over multiple sessions. It might be useful to think of hypnosis as a kind of skill that you can develop and strengthen the more you use it.

Whether you put time into self-hypnosis at home, or commit to long-term sessions with a licensed hypnotherapist, you will likely notice a growth or deepening of your absorption, and of the kind of wisdom and wonder that attend this.

Ultimately, hypnosis is something that is difficult to describe to someone who has never experienced it themselves.

Accordingly, for those who are curious I would recommend not to spend too much time on researching in order to get a pre-impression of it, but to simply try out a session or two for yourself so you can experience it directly.

Although it does not affect everyone in the same way, for some people it can be an extremely transformative and life improving experience. This is another reason why I recommend everyone try it at least once in their lives.

It is extremely important, however, to vet your hypnotherapist and make sure they are competent, qualified, and certified to do justice to the positive impact that hypnotherapy can have on you and your life.

If you are at all curious to find out more about hypnotherapy or about scheduling sessions, please feel free to contact me for more information.

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