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Fear of Flying Hynosis Treatment in Perth

Overcome The Fear Of Flying Phobia

The fear of flying is one of the most prevailing phobias, with an approximate 1 in 10 people experiencing strong flight anxiety.

This may seem like an irrational fear for those who do not suffer from anxiety. But your mind can create the anxiety feeling when it thinks you are in danger.

Our subconscious minds primary function is to protects us, so if something is perceived as a threat, actions are undertaken.

Even though flying is proven to be a safe way to travel, the fear of flying phobia still grips a portion of the population.

We have all heard that statistically, flying is safer than crossing a road or driving a car, it is a common fear than can interfere with everyday living.

Having a fear of flying can often interfere with business travel and personal holidays. This fear may cause a person to miss out on a family holiday abroad or even avoid a lucrative career involving travel.

There are many situations of flying that can harvest feelings of anxiety,such as fearing the plane will go down, fear of having a panic attack, the experience of claustrophobia, terrorism or even being out of control.

Often, people can experience the fear before even getting onto the plane. Feelings of anxiety can start to arise when arriving at the airport or even when booking the flight.

The levels of distress differ from fear of flying is different for everyone. Fear of flying can range from mild anxiety before taking the flight, to an overall state of terror which can stop a person from even getting on the plane.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

Fear of flying hypnotherapy works to connect with the subconscious.

It aims to change your behaviours and thoughts associated with flying, making it a positive encounter.

Re-evaluating the counteraction our subconscious mind constructs can often help us to recapture control over a fear of flying and feel more relaxed when anxious feelings begin.

Fear of flying hypnosis can help you to become a calm thinker – allowing you to feel safe and in most importantly control.

Hypnosis uses the power of suggestion and relaxation techniques to orchestrate a positive change.

Our Perth fear of flying hypnotherapist will tailor the suggestions to you, with the goal  of helping you observe what triggers your fear and why, as well as changing your acknowledgement of the fear itself.

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