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How to understand and heal a dissociative state

Disassociation Hypnosis Treatment

Many of us do not understand how dissociation is a coping mechanism.

To heal from a dissociative state, one must learn to understand them and find other ways of coping with or solving the underlying issue.

Generally speaking dissociation is a kind of disconnection from the present. It is perfectly normal to disconnect from the here and now from time to time, as in daydreaming for example, however sometimes this disconnection can become more of a concern when it is used to avoid thoughts or feelings associated with traumatic or painful memories.

In order to avoid feelings of shame, anxiety, or fear, people sometimes disconnect from their surroundings altogether.

This is to some extant a natural, survival instinct to help us continue on with our lives in the face of extreme emotional pain, however in some cases we can get “stuck” in the dissociation beyond the time needed to cope with the pain.

By looking back to the original issue related to the dissociation once enough time has passed, many people find that the older, wiser version of themselves are no longer in need of the coping mechanism.

Some of the usual ways of overcoming disassociation are as follows:

  • Get moving: regular exercise is one of the best things for your overall emotional health, but even a change of scenery can do wonders towards getting a fresh perspective.
  • Inward focus: focusing your mind inwards, through meditation or with the help of a hypnotist, can help to get you back in touch with the present.
  • Breathing: the kind of deep, purposeful breathing done in meditation or during hypnosis can also get you back in touch with the present moment.
  • Awareness: one of the most dramatic kinds of change comes from the recognition that you were in a dissociative state to begin with.

Hypnosis? Really?

Yes! Hypnosis is a completely natural method for bringing about an altered state of mind in which you are relaxed, and in which your subconscious mind can be communicated with.

The subconscious mind is like a storehouse for all of your memories, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions without you explicitly knowing it. It also holds a person’s basic beliefs and values, as well as their understandings of their own selves.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

If you’ve ever gotten really into a movie or book, have ever daydreamed or driven your car home without consciously thinking about it, then you’ve already experienced the hypnotic state.

Will I lose control and reveal things I don’t want to?

Hypnotism does not work like the truth drug you see on TV; you will be in complete control of yourself the entire time.

In fact, it is much more accurate to see a hypnotist as a guide who lets you hypnotise yourself without having any control over you.

You will be fully aware throughout your session and will remember everything afterwards.

Is hypnotherapy like stage hypnotism?

No, it is nothing at all like stage hypnotism. A hypnotherapist will not – and is not even able to – make their patients quack like a duck or make love with an invisible person.

A hypnotherapist wants you to heal emotionally, not entertain an audience.

Will I have to remember painful, repressed memories?

A hypnotherapist will never explicitly search out painful, forgotten memories that the mind is not ready to relive yet.

These kinds of memories tend to resurface in a natural and timely manner, when they can be beneficial rather than traumatic to the patient, and your hypnotherapist will never try to painful memories on you prematurely.

Is it true that a single session is enough to see positive change?

It is true that only a few sessions can be enough to make patients change their bad habits or noticeably improve their overall sense of well-being.

However if there are any deeply-seated reasons behind your bad habits or mood issues, it may take longer – perhaps 3 to 6 sessions – before experiencing any noticeable improvements.

Every individual’s problems, and the reasons behind them, are different, and you can get a better idea of your time range for improvement by speaking with a hypnotherapist about your issues.

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