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Different Kinds of Hypnotic Phenomena (part 1)

Hypnotic Phenomena

The term “hypnotic phenomena” refers to the different kinds of responses that can be elicited from a person who has been put into a hypnotic state.

In some cases these responses also happen on their own without any suggestion coming from the hypnotherapist.

Most of these phenomena are employed during hypnotherapy to assist with one kind of therapeutic change or another.

The majority of these hypnotic phenomena can also be achieved, at least on some level, outside of hypnotherapy sessions in ordinary life. Here is a brief outline, in alphabetical order, of the major types of hypnotic phenomena that a hypnotherapist is likely to employ during hypnotherapy sessions.

1) Amnesia or Hypermnesia

Hypnotherapists can, to a limited extent, make use of hypnotic amnesia to make patients forget certain things for therapeutic purposes.

For example, in some cases a hypnotherapist will decide (with the the patient’s approval, of course) that it will be beneficial for their patient to forget their hypnotherapy session if they believe that the patient will benefit more from it if they are not able to go back over it and pick it apart afterwards.

A hypnotherapist is not able, however, to make someone forget their ex, since there are simply too many memories associated with that person (we mention this because it is a very common query) We can however detach you to the emotional turmoil connected to that person, so you can learn the lessons and move forward with your life! Your hypnotherapist can also show you a technique to stop the obsessive thoughts about your ex.

Hypermnesia is like the opposite of amnesia: it refers to remembering even more things than one normally would, and is also sometimes referred to as “enhanced recall”.

Hypnotherapists also often make use of this technique in order unlock the traumatic source of present anxiety, or even for something more mundane like locating a lost object. In some cases hypermnesia takes place on its own during hypnotherapy without the therapist having to explicitly initiate it.

2) Analgesia or Anaesthesia

Analgesia refers to the reduction or pain, and anaesthesia to the removal of sensation altogether.

These hypnotic phenomena can be used by hypnotherapists to help patients with a number of different kinds of pain, like headaches, IBS, or dystonia. Hypnotic anaesthesia has even been employed in hospitals for pregnancies or emergency room situations. Many patients have even successfully undergone surgery using only hypnotic anaesthesia without any medication.

3) Catalepsy

Catalepsy is a state of immobility or rigidity of the muscles. Outside of hypnosis, this state can take place in certain “deer caught in the headlights” types of situations.

As a hypnotic phenomena, hypnotherapists make use of catalepsy in order to aid with an induction or deepening process (like the eye lock test). It can also be used to help patients suffering from insomnia who move around too much during sleep, and it is also often used to help patients suffering from erectile dysfunction or other psychogenic sexual issues.

4) Dissociation

As hypnosis is in itself a dissociative state, dissociation is a hypnotic phenomenon that occurs naturally and doesn’t need to be elicited by the therapist apart from the trance state.

Dissociation allows patients to remove themselves from themselves to some extent. It allows patients to look at past events, for example, as if they were watching it on a TV screen, and accordingly without the same level of involvement one had in the events at the time.

Dissociation is actually a very normal thing for the mind to do, and it very often happens even in waking life: when we don’t like the here and now, our minds often wander to a place or time of greater happiness or satisfaction.

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