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Certified Hypnotist

Certified Hypnotist what does that actually mean? It means they know what they are doing. That is why you should always check the practitioners credentials before you make an appointment with them. Please make sure they have not just done a weekend or internet only course, that has no practical face to face component.

Many emotional and physical conditions can be helped by a Certified Hypnotist.

The List below  is just a summary so, if you are unsure about any condition, just contact us and we can advise you as to how effective hypnotherapy can be in aiding your recovery.

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Hypnosis for Pain Control.

Migraines, chronic headaches, joint pain, arthritic complaints, fibromyalgia and muscular spasm are all pain types that can be successfully improved by hypnotherapy. The pain itself is not always the key. Sometimes it’s necessary to lead the subject to find a way to be distracted from the pain.

Anxiety and Hypnosis.

In all its forms, stress, panic attacks, tension, negativity and just plain worry can be cleared away through hypnotherapy. When this is achieved, the subject can concentrate on reducing the conditions in their life that allowed these to build initially.

Self Esteem.

This is the basis of so many negative issues. Many of us have times when we just don’t feel good about ourselves. This can manifest in many ways such as lack of confidence, negative self-talk, lack of ambition, shyness, feeling like a victim, and generally feeling a lack of control or an inability to assert oneself. These can all benefit from hypnotherapy.

Habitual and Compulsive Behaviours.

Addictions to any substance such as prescribed and illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sexual addiction, food addiction, either over eating or under eating, and exercise addiction.

Compulsive Behaviour, or automatic physical actions, such as nail biting, scratching, and hair plucking.
Habitual and compulsive behaviour is often closely linked with negative emotional issues and lack of self esteem and can benefit from hypnotherapy.

Sexual Dysfunction and Libido.

These are inextricably linked together and go hand in hand with high stress and low self esteem, all treatable through hypnosis.

Fertility and IVF.

Hypnosis can help reduce the many stresses involved with attempts to become pregnant. It can promote the positive belief that impregnation can be successful and reduce the anxiety of failure to do so. Pregnancy and birthing can both be stress reduced and promote greater health for both mother and child (and by association for fathers too!)


Phobias of all types can be overcome in hypnotherapy by clearing the subconscious mind of emotions attached to memories of negative experiences. Public speaking is a very common one, and so are driving and flying.

Psychosomatic Conditions.

Skin complaints, asthma, rheumatism, heart disease, stomach ulcers, and many others can all be improved by using hypnotherapy as a complementary treatment. Cancer sufferers and those undergoing invasive cancer treatments can certainly benefit from hypnotherapy.


Go to sleep more easily, get better quality sleep, and return to sleep. All this can be achieved through hypnosis for an improved quality of life.


Performance and Improvement. Motivation, dedication, technique, emotional control, improved physical performance, self belief. Elite athletes agree that nearly everyone at the top level has done the work, has the right techniques and is very even in most aspects. They also know that the areas requiring the most significant edge are mental and emotional. Hypnosis can help provide this edge.


For assistance in study and in business circles, a clear memory is a cornerstone of success. Imagine being able to remember peoples names when you have just been introduced. Many can’t. Hypnosis can be the catalyst.


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