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Can Hypnotherapy Help You Sleep Better?

clinical hypnosis for sleep problems

The importance of sleep for your life…..

There are a variety of different possible reasons behind your inability to get a good night’s sleep, from simply squeezing too many activities into your day and not leaving yourself sufficient time for quality sleep, to dealing with someone else’s sleeping habits, stress or anxiety caused by problems at work or at home, sleep apnoea, or even using your phone or any other kind of bright screen that keeps your mind from relaxing late at night.

Everyone knows that not getting a good night’s sleep can lead to things like being short tempered, having a lack of concentration, or being fatigued, but perhaps everyone does not know just how important quality sleep is for our overall and long-term health.

Why is it so important to sleep well?

Getting enough sleep is absolutely essential for your health, as it is the time your mind and body need to rest, repair, and restore.

Lack of sleep will not only affect you physically and mentally on the following day, but can eventually lead to longer term health issues.

An article written by neuroscientist Matthew Walker makes the case that insufficient sleep over time can contribute to poor mental health, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer.

Walker also claims to have found a direct correlation between shorter sleep and shorter lifespan. His studies found, for example, that adults 45 years or older are 200% more likely to suffer a stroke or a heart attack if they sleep less than six hours per night, as compared to adults of the same age who sleep seven or eight hours per night.

Moreover, studies have determined the following seven benefits of getting a good night’s sleep on your overall health.

  1. Increaded fertility
  2. Warding off heart disease
  3. Increases one’s sex drive
  4. Helps to prevent diabetes
  5. Boosts your mental well-being
  6. Helps to keep you slim (lack of sleep will cause you to eat more for the extra energy you need)
  7. Boosts your overall immunity

Hypnotherapy for help with sleeping

If you’ve tried all of the obvious solutions to your sleeping problems but still can’t manage to get a full night’s sleep, hypnotherapy can be a very effective sleep aid which you may not have thought of already.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective means to relax both your body and your mind which is a great way to help get a better night’s sleep.

So if you have already tried every other thing you can think of but are still clocking in under six hours per night, why not try out hypnotherapy to see if it can help you?

You will rarely have to commit to a long-term program right away, so there is no harm in trying it out once or twice.

Before booking your appointment, it is important to always check to make sure they are accredited or licensed.

It is also highly recommended to visit your GP to make sure that your sleeping problems are not fundamentally due to a medical condition.

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