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Can Hypnosis Help with Athletic Performance?

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Sometimes athletes experience something like writer’s block, where for no immediately apparent reason they find themselves unable to measure up to their usual athletic performance for certain periods of time.

It seems that some times things just fall into place and flow all by themselves, white other times things just don’t click and flow in a natural way and one finds themselves simply going through the motions.

To understand why this is it may help to think of your mind as something like your program.

This program is made up of a number of beliefs, habits, emotional states of mind, memories, etc., that determine how things go in one’s life although on the surface it simply seems to people that some days things go well and others don’t for no apparent reason.

Your subconscious mind is this very program, and by interacting with it is actually possible to experience a natural flow and facility with things on a more regular basis, and can also help you to get out of a rut where things are just not clicking or going as well as they might.

So how is this interaction with the subconscious mind possible?

The first step is to get your conscious mind out of the way. This may sound strange but it is actually a perfectly natural everyday occurrence, like when you get really “into” a book or movie, or just before you are about to fall asleep.

There are also ways of putting yourself into this state of mind on purpose, and one of the best ones is by undergoing hypnosis.

A professional hypnotist can help you to enter the hypnotic or trance state that can open up the path to your subconscious mind or
your underlying programming.

Self-hypnosis is also possible, but it can be difficult for first-timers who’ve never experienced hypnosis with the help of a hypnotherapist. On top of general hypnotherapists a number of sports psychologists and mental skill coaches have incorporated hypnosis into their work.

How can this benefit athletes? Communicating directly with the subconscious can help reprogram or unblock the mind and allow athletes to get back to the peak level of performance that they are used to achieving.

Some of the ways that hypnosis can help athletes get into the natural flow of things:

  • Helping them to get into the flow state on command
  • Implanting positive expectations
  • Mentally experiencing a perfect performance ahead of time

No matter what sport you play, hypnosis is able to help you get back to your peak level of performance or even to surpass it.

The best way to do this is by working with a hypnotist (preferably one who specializes in sports hypnosis)

You just might find yourself performing at a level that you never thought possible!

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