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The Many Benefits of Hypnotherapy

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A lot of people are skeptical at first when someone suggests to them that they try hypnotherapy for their problems (whether they are bad habits like smoking or drinking, mental health issues, sticking to diet and exercise, or just problems with one’s overall confidence or sense of well-being).

There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnotherapy, resulting largely from stage hypnotists and movie villain hypnotism, in which hypnotism is portrayed as something like a spell cast over the subject, forcing them to act against their will.

Real hypnotherapy, however, does no such thing and has been used for over a century to treat a wide variety of physical and mental health issues.

The benefits of hypnotherapy are very broad, and can be used for treating anything from anxiety or depression, addiction, obesity or overeating, all the way to chronic pain. In each case, hypnotherapy has proven to be a very effective and natural (i.e., without the use of drugs) method for treating the issue.

Hypnotherapy operates by putting your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation in such a way that your subconscious mind can be communicated with.

Hypnotherapy sessions can help to alter your underlying thoughts and beliefs that dictate the patterns of your behaviour in a much more fundamental way than logic can appeal to your conscious mind.

80% of the workforce claim to feel stressed, and lowering stress by means of hypnotherapy is a far healthier way to do so than the typical medicinal treatments.

Moreover, if you are considering using hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking, keep in mind that hypnotherapy for giving up smoking has a huge success rate at 90.6%.

The following issues can also be treated very effectively by means of hypnotherapy:

  1. Confidence or self-esteem issues
  2. Writer’s block or other creative blocks
  3. It can also be used to enhance sports performance
  4. PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder
  5. Depression, anxiety, or panic attacks
  6. Relief of chronic pain, or pain relief for labour (hypnobirthing)
  7. Public speaking or performance anxiety
  8. Anger management
  9. Smoking or other bad habits or addictions
  10. Overeating and weight loss

Interested in trying hypnotherapy for these or any other similar physical or mental health issues?

If you are imagining some sort of stage hypnotism scenario where you will be made to quack like a duck, or a movie villain scenario where you will be hypnotised into doing evil deeds against your will, please forget about this kind of entertainment hypnotism.

In a real hypnosis session, you remain in control of yourself 100% and cannot be made to do anything that you don’t want to do.

You cannot be lulled into a hypnotic state against your will either, as you yourself must be willing to relax your mind and enter the hypnotic state.

Real hypnotherapy is not a trick, but a very effective treatment for a host of different issues that many patients have trouble resolving on their own, or even through traditional drug treatments.

Still skeptical? Try out a session today and see for yourself that there is absolutely no trickery about it, only tangible improvements for you and your life!

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