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General Health Benefits Of Hypnosis Therapy 

Benefits Of Hypnosis Therapy

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Hypnosis is a treatment that has been in use for centuries.

It has undergone many modifications over time but the principles remain the same.

Hypnosis therapy is popular among proponents of alternative medicine.

Clients undergo an alteration in the state of their consciousness and usually end up in a deep trance. This is said to help a number of physical and psychological ailments.

There are some things on hypnosis therapy Perth clients should know if they plan to seek the treatment.

The treatment is commonly used in weight loss. Poor eating habits are a well-known cause of weight gain.

Although dietary modification and regular physical exercise are widely advocated as the most effective modalities for this, it is not effective for everyone.

Hypnotherapy is claimed to be an option among these people.

The therapy works at the subconscious level to enable the affected person to regain control over their eating habits.

Health Benefits Of Hypnosis  – The Treatment

The treatment is broadly classified into two; analytical and suggestion hypnotherapy.

The former subtype works by establishing the root cause of the problem before solutions are offered. This makes it more effective.

The latter, on the other hand, uses suggestions to induce a trance state. Repetitions of these suggestions create a certain belief in the client. Apart from verbal suggestions, imagery and direct visualisations are also used.

Every session is individualised. Your first session is usually 2 to 3 hrs with subsequent sessions 1 to 2 hrs.

Most therapists recommend 3 sessions in the first month, with follow up sessions at the discretion of the client.

Other than weight control, other conditions that may be managed in this manner include post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, sleeping and eating disorders among others.

During surgery, it may be used in patients undergoing wound debridement or aspiration of bone marrow.

When a person is undergoing the treatment, they focus all their attention on the therapist.

The therapist gives specific instructions that are to be followed during the session. The aim is to help the client avoid all manner of distractions and focus on a single idea.

The thoughts are subsequently converted to beliefs and this greatly helps in achieving positive results.

It has been claimed in some quarters that clients can travel back in time.

A unique form of the technique is what is termed stage hypnosis. This technique is mainly used for entertainment where an artist seeks to control the minds of their audience by issuing a set of instructions.

Volunteers are often called onto the stage and hypnotised to perform acts that are considered extraordinary.

Any person can be hypnotised.

The only requirement is that they must be willing to follow the instructions that are given by the hypnotist. Research has shown that persons that tend to fantasise a lot are most likely to be hypnotised.

Children are easier to hypnotise as they are often more open to suggestion and generally have more active imaginations.

Hypnosis treatment follow-up visits with their therapists is important. These visits can be three or four months apart.

Visits are important as it enables the therapist to assess your response to treatment and to reinforce any positive changes that have occurred and also to help facilitate any further change the client may desire to make.

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