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Hypnosis for the mind and body connection

Hypnosis is a treatment that is used for various mental and body treatments like improving the immunity, calming and relaxing the mind and the body by reducing anxiety.

Hypnosis and immune promotion.

According to research that was conducted at Washington State University in Pullman, the results showed that the hypnosis works by strengthening the immune cells hence helping to fight diseases in the body.

The results were conducted on 65 students whereby 33 of these students had a positive reaction to the hypnotherapy induction.The treatment was done in three groups whereby each group used a different procedure. One team used hypnosis therapy, the second group received relaxation therapy, and the last group had no treatment induced.

The results from the study showed that the group that received hypnosis treatment had a high increment of the white blood cells than other teams.

From this research which was carried out in 1993; the researchers concluded that hypnosis works by increasing the white blood cells in the body which in return causes immunity to be high hence making it possible to fight various diseases in the body.

Hypnosis and relaxation.

Stress causes the immune system to weaken hence resulting to various diseases such as depression or severe headaches. Therefore to ensure that your immune system is still high and prevent stress from occurring, the patient has hypnotherapy induced where it helps bring about relaxation in the body by getting rid of stress from the body.

The first practical study was done at Ohio state university. To ensure that your immune is continually strengthened, consider having the hypnosis therapy done on a regular basis.

How does hypnosis therapy work?

This therapy was carried out in school children whereby they were asked to focus and imagine a variety of white knights inside their bloodstreams.

Then their saliva was tested, and the results showed that their saliva immunoglobulin had increased three times.Other ways that you can use to make the healing effective is via using the imagery of a secure and robust mind guard that protects negative energy from entering your brains and only allowing the positive energy in.

This process is essential to ensure that you have a well balanced immune response.


You can use hypnosis therapy on yourself by using the brain blockage method and transfer the exercise at a cellular level deep in your body.

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