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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Hypnotherapy Treatment

The connection between mind and body is surprisingly important for your gut health.

There is a very clear link between anxiety and stomach problems, and those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are likely to suffer from some sort of mental health issue as well.

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If this sounds hard to believe, just ask yourself it you’ve ever had butterflies in your stomach: you’ve no doubt experienced this link between your emotions and your stomach, and these butterflies are not the only form in which this link is expressed.

Your brain is directly linked to your stomach and intestines. You have no doubt noticed that even the thought of food can trigger the juices in your stomach without there being any actual food on hand.

Unfortunately the link can work in the reverse direction, so that a troubled intestine can also lead to a troubled state of mind.

Conversely, a troubled state of mind can also lead to troubled intestines, so that in some cases one experiences stomach problems without there being any physical cause whatsoever.

Because of this, certain cases of IBS will not go away from physical treatments like a healthy diet or more water.

The psychological factors

There is a substantial amount of evidence which suggests that a number of psychological factors have an important part to play in irritable bowel syndrome.

This does not amount to saying that some people’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome is simply all in their head; these psychological factors really do cause physical changes in the intestines which do in fact interfere with ordinary, well functioning digestion, which can lead to real pain, real diarrhea, or real constipation.

In some cases stress will bring on one’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms, like an important exam or a job interview. Other people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome have gone through a traumatic experience in the past – things like neglect, abuse, illness, or bereavement especially during childhood.

Any type of difficult experience or situation that leads to increased stress can often have the added effect of digestion and stomach issues.

Now this does not necessarily mean that your individual case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is rooted in stress or any other mental issues: you may in deed simply need to eat less dairy.

However if you have been coping with IBS symptoms for a long time and have been unable to treat it by modifying your diet, you may benefit from trying to attack the mental side of the problem through hypnotherapy.

Some of the aims of hypnotherapy for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, in order to reduce the intensity of the symptoms as well as lower the frequency of the attacks, include the following:

  • Giving clients a healthy strategy for coping
  • Dealing with the miscommunication between the gut and the brain in order to produce a therapeutic effect
  • Soothing the digestive tract and diverting focus from the body’s discomfort
  • Implanting targeted suggestions regarding the gut’s activity, along with suggestions regarding relaxation in general
  •  Increasing the patient’s awareness of any specific foods which trigger IBS symptoms

Clients will also receive a supportive recording which they can listen to to reinforce their sessions in between visits.

Having trouble kicking your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms?

Try shifting your focus to the psychological side of the problem through hypnotherapy.

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