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How to Improve Your Memory With Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a therapy that is widely used to help patients remember the traumatic childhood memories.

It can also be used for law enforcement purposes where officials undergo the procedure to remember eyewitnesses and all the information related to the case such as the events that took place, crime scene and so on.

What to know about memory hypnosis therapy

According to a study that was done at the Ohio State University, the researchers reported that after the previous memories are recovered, it is essential that others sources to confirm it before it is termed valid. This is important especially for the law enforcement purposes.

The hypnosis therapy is quite useful for those who want to remember recent information that they require. For example, you can get the hypnosis therapy to recall a password to your computer or for students; they can use the treatment to retain various information they may require in the exam room.

Note that a professional hypnotist can induce this procedure or you can do it yourself.

Steps on how to improve your memory with hypnosis.

1. Awareness.

A lot of people believe that this kind of therapy has various effects like making you unconscious, putting you to sleep, or even cast you some spell. But the truth is contrary to these beliefs. Hypnosis increases your focus when various suggestions are given to you hence making you more receptive to these proposals.

The focus is essential since, for hypnosis to be effective and you have to have a positive and open mind.For memory improvement, store all the necessary information in your mind and retrieve it during the hypnosis procedures. In this case, hypnosis is compared to memory palace method which uses a learning device referred to as mnemonic to help an individual remember the problematic information.Use various techniques when undergoing hypnosis therapy to help you retain all the required information.

2. Comfort.

It is advisable that you sit in a comfortable position and comfortable room as well. Ensure there is no noise or light destruction as this helps you to relax and be able to focus well. If possible remove your shoes and be in loose clothes.

3. Choose what to use for focus purposes.

Use the features in the room to help you focus. For example, you can choose a picture on the wall, the roof, a tree that is out of the window whatever attracts you when undergoing the hypnosis therapy.

While looking at that spot or object repeat the following words silently” my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, my eyelids feel like as if they are pulled down by a heavyweight, soon they will close.”Repeat these words after every 30 seconds and focus on your eyelids until you start to feel them getting bulky and then at this point close your eyes.

Do not force your eyes to close, instead, wait for the process to take place slowly and once they close chant the following words slowly. “Relax and let go.”

4. Inhale and exhale properly.

The next step requires you to inhale through your nose and hold the breath for about 10 seconds. Then exhale through your mouth, but don’t open it wide. Part your lips slightly such that you produce a whooshing sound when breathing out.Make several exhales as you say the word “deeper”.

This helps your hypnosis treatment to be active and also lead you to a more relaxed mode.Visualize yourself sinking deeper into a state of relaxation. Also as you ascend to the escalator count backward from 10 to 1 and once you reach the bottom vision yourself again stepping to the second escalator. Repeat the procedure from the top by breathing in and out and the counting too.

5. Store the information.

At this stage, you can now start to store the information that you were trying to remember. As you deeper into a trance, you can begin to save the memory especially if you are familiar with the memory palace. Memory palace helps you have a clear picture for storing the information for future reference.

For students, focus on the critical subject and maybe a topic that you want to remember in your exam room. Use symbols to represent those subjects. Note that for better retaining of information, go for a trance mode before you begin revising for an exam and after you have finished the study session. This is important as it prepares your brain to retain more information about the subject.

6. Finish up.

Finish up by counting backward from five to one out of the trance. This procedure is done only when you feel you have reached deep hypnotic state, you feel relaxed and also when you have noted visual cues.

State the following words before you count,”when I get to one my eyes will open, and I will be awake.” As you count, your eyes should start to open, and once you are done, they should be fully opened.

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